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Meridian GPS

How it works?


This navigator device “Atlantic Gold” has the ability to track traces precisely, in addition, it contains an internal base of information and data about the Earth, which helps to determine your location and direction. It guides you and shows the way by connecting with 12 satellites at the same time.


The device has a large capacity to store many locations and points. It contains more than 9 screens: (Marine screen, Map screen, Compass screen, Huge data screen, Two locations screen, Method screen, Information screen and Speed ​​meter screen) There is also a screen that shows the satellite status which helps you to know the quality of the information you receive collected by satellites.


Features and descriptions:

1. It is accurate and precise.

2 It uses 12 satellites.

3.Very sensitive receiver (four times the arm).

4. Automatic design.

5. Audible alarm system.

6. Detailed map.

7. The special keyboard is vibrating.

8. Special colors for the tracing line.

Made in the USA