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GPS 315

The GPS 315 gives you the advantages of GPS in a valuable set of features:
Accurate The GPS 315 gets a precision fix on your exact location, even in heavy cloud cover, by tracking up to 12 GPS satellites simultaneously. Equipped with a super sensitive quadrifilar antenna designed for fast satellite signal locking, the GPS 315 is accurate to within 15 meters or better.
Easy to use An intuitive interface provides easy setup, and dedicated function buttons put the power of GPS at your fingertips.
Navigation database Navigate with a database of coordinates for over 11,000 U.S. cities. Easily upload thousands of additional points of interest with Magellan DataSendTM software. World-wide points of reference are also included for navigation abroad.
Full Featured Navigation Nine graphic navigation screens show heading, bearing, speed, direction, ETA, and your exact position in a number or formats, including longitude/latitude, Universal Transverse Mercator, Military Grid and Ordnance Survey of Britain Conversion.
Advanced power and memory management You get up to 15 hours of continuous operation on two AA batteries, while the 10-year lithium backup battery ensures that you never lose your stored data.
Save routes and waypoints Store up to 20 routes, with 500 waypoints, to easily find your way back again.
NorthFinderTM NorthFinder technology shows your direction even when standing still.
Fish and game calculator Want to know when the fish are likely to be biting in your little corner of the world? By tracking phases of the sun and the moon, the Magellan GPS 315 can tell you.
Satellite status The GPS 315 displays all satellites in view of the receiver and gives you a little info on their status.
DGPS ready The GPS 315 accepts RTCM 104 signals from your DGPS receiver, for even better accuracy.
Data exporting Use your favorite PC navigation software with easy, standard data exporting and a GPS 315 data cable.
Built to perform on the most challenging and rigorous adventure.
Large backlit display Easily view all the GPS information you need to make your adventure fun and safe, even at night.
Rugged construction Rubber armored, impact resistant plastic allows you to confidently take your GPS 315 on that next great adventure.
Weatherproof – and it floats
1-year warranty – We pride ourselves on building rugged and reliable navigation products that you can depend on, backed by a full one-year warranty.