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The front of the device:

Ancient pharaohs were engaged in empty handed and the treasures of gold in the ground in ways that may be vague and unknown. Even came top Japanese technology and splendor of the first sensing device this year in the detection of gold metal. After strenuous efforts and sophisticated research revealed to us this technology sensing device digitalis, nicknamed the golden pharaoh. The method of detection for gold unique and sophisticated view of the Queen contained in this device in the way the discovery of Gold title golden pharaoh pharaonic way unique in the detection of gold and treasures in the ground easily and at the lowest possible cost. It really golden pharaoh.

Features and characteristics:

1. Although located in the high-tech device but it has easy to use.
2. Light weight, which makes it easier to shift from one place to another without fatigue or discomfort.
3. Device has internal protection to maintain against unforeseen shocks during the detection process.
4. The possibility of identifying the target and quickly infinite depth.
5. Device provider to work to strengthen the sensitivity weak signal to help detect distant targets.
6. Large extent Search and distant.
7. Device reveals only gold metal.
8. Works on a 9-volt battery.

Parts and components:

1. Carrying Case is made of aluminum reinforced to protect the device from the inside.
2. Main Unit and has control keys and screen data.
3. Ground power adapter (the main transmission unit).
4. Signal reception unit.
5. External speakers to reach the receiver unit.
6. Number 2 rod antenna.
7. The unit of measurement capability.
8. Works on a 9-volt battery.
9. Arabic to explain the catalog of the device.

System: remote sensing
Depth: 25 meters
Range: 1750 meters