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Serching : Gold,Caves,Jwellery, Mercury,Statues, Royal tombs,Mummy
Depth: 20 – Long Range:1500 M Sq – Power: 12 V

This device has been made with great with a great conditions and it was developed by a very good advanced method that was never used before it is specialized in exploration of gold and all other kinds of treasures such as monuments and all kind of antiques,inlaid stones with gold or diamond, decorative jugs ,beautiful bottles, colorful beads, seals, royalty tools, precious pieces and other decorations like mosaic, it discovers the mummy and statues of all kinds, by the technology that have occurred on our device made it a legend that everyone is talking about it through its marketing in America during the past two years and after its development it becomesthe first device in discovering the unique rare things underground

How does it work?!

The device works by the modern scientific global system which is invented by our group of factories in United State of America which is the modern geological survey system.
The device works with a good and fast technique of discovering the targets with large Front Ranges by the Matrix power which givethe device an extra speed and strength to discover all the treasures and there is a new technique wish is the smart parameters made in an electronic small card very sensitive that clean all the impurities that we don’t need

Features and characteristics :

1- The device search for gold, treasures, monuments, and all what is precious buried underground

2- The device give light signals to confirm the target .
3- The device give sound signals to show that there is a target
4- The device contains a visible guidance signals to show the exact place of the target

5- It measures the target size and depth before extracting it.

6- The device works in all types of soil and topographies.

7- It is specialized for rocky, mountainous and stony areas.
8- The device works in all the seasons of the year , in all day and night times, in all topographies, all weather conditions as it is programmed to work in all different environments.
9- The device does not affected by volcanic, fiery and basaltic rocks; it works
10- The device can go through all the barriers and earth layers that consist of all topographies kinds , as it controls monitoring the golden goals and recognize it from long distances.
11- The device give exactly the target center and measures the depth of the explored target.
12- The device works with a fantastic exploration system in all areas, fields, historical cities, and have a unique feature in discovering the buried goals in walls, aqueducts, castles and stony safes.
13- The device works in old churches, silos, old houses, walls and castles quietly.
14- The device works in discovery field in a very secret and safety way as it does not affected by any outside influences and it does not cause any disturbance to any wire or wireless devices.
Technical features:
1- The device discoverthe buried antiques, valuable statues, monuments, treasures and gold under the earth.
2- The device penetrates to 30 meter depths in the soil
3- The device search and surveys front distances exceed 1500 meter in all directions.
4- The device works by sending researches signals in soil, air, water, as it does not affected by any kinds of environments or earth topographies.

5- The device has high quality specifications, unique, technical and professional advantages and also includes a lot of features which surprise you when you buy this device.

The device components:

1- Electronic main unit.

2- Electronic digital antenna.

3- A Highly sensitive electronic reception unit.

4- Electronic radar that is very sensitive in reaching the targets by the quickest way and locate the center point in a tiny small spot.

5- International insurance for a year.

6- Educational CD.
7- Arabic and English catalogues.

Search systemdevice:audioIonek
Ground-term depth: 10meters
Front Range Horizontalscan: 1500 meters
Industry: U.S.