Explosives Detection Devices >> TH808





This developed device presents many ways and data for detection and make sure of the targets inside the soil in a different way as it has a quick, Flexible responses, easy in movement and stable at work Its stability in detection gives the user the complete confidence in finding what is he looking for in the trial field.

The device has been developed with an electronic unit slice programmed to do all its programs at the same time to save the successful result in detection in a fast way and complete accuracy.

The device contain a wonderful quality in performance through the small receiver dish as it is an instructive radar for goals with a complete purifying process from unwanted impurities and support the knowledge of the target location immediately.

Houw does the device work :

The device works with the innovative modern international system in our factories which is the developed geological survey that makes the device a tool and a real stable method to work in the distinguished researcher role in survey the required areas to determine the targets.

Its power in monitoring gold is more than excellent, because of its sensitive power and its distinguished technical performance gave it the great skill in detection and mining for Gold, silver and diamond.

Features &characteristics :

1. This device assures the existence of the target by more than one system and method:

• The device changes its direction to the target direction.

• The high level of the light indicator to the red color.

•The level of its sound increases when it reaches closer to the target.

2. The device is light in weight and more stable

3. It works in all difficult air conditions due to its stability to bear these conditions.

4. The possibility of determining the work distance.

5. The battery works from 8 to 10 hours continuously.

6. The ZX quality which entered to the device to be a perfect exploratory tool everywhere.

7. The device has instructive radar, the quality small ZX as it is a receiver dish for far goals, as it purifies the unwanted impurities in soil and the surrounding environment.

The technical characteristics:

1- The Front Range for research is 1500 m/sq.

2- The possibility of determining the goals for increased depths for 8 m.

3- The device detects (gold, silver and diamond).

4- This modern tester provided with a sensitive unit works for strength the signal to help in detection for far goals and eliminate all the unwanted signals.

5- The device includes high quality specifications, unique technical, technological features and contain of many characteristics which surprise you when you own this device.

6- The power is 9 volt.

The device components:
1- The operating key.
2- Audio signals.
3- Indicator for low battery.
4- Meter of the voltaic Voltmeter
5- The keeping quality for battery.
6- Visible signals for determining goals LED.

7- Determining location quality from different distances.

8- Choosing button for elements (gold, silver, diamond).

9- The receiver for power and thickness which generated by gold, silver and diamond.

10- Choosing button for distances with kilometer (500-800-1500m sq).

11- Arabic and English catalogue.

12- Educational

13- International insurance for a year.

Search system device :remote sensing and audio EM Ionek
Ground-term depth: 8meters
Front Range Horizontal scan: 800 meters
Industry: U.S.