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Operational guidance
1 safety precaution
2 Kindly Reminder
3 copyright notice
4 product introduction
5 technical parameters
6 starting up test
7 Detailed instructions
8 Maintenance and maintenance
9 Buying machine vouchers
10 After-sales service

safety precaution
Do not use power supply system specified voltage, and please use the external equipment provisions.

In any event, do not open the instrument or charger, and strictly to the equipment modification. If label will damage the instrument will be hard to fix, the warranty will not be failure guaranty service.

The instrument cannot lay insolation the use under the thunder rainy day and the hot sun

The instrument can’t place near the fire or other high temperature environment.

The instrument can’t place in the flammable and explosive substances.

Probe cables of the plug can’t even damp, such cases to put the plug in the drying to use or the loss of detecting ability.

This product is a precision instrument, the open switch or press the button, please use dynamics moderate, action simply; Instruments used must pay attention to the gentle with, prevent fell, collision.

Warning: misuse may lead to guarantee failure!!!!!!!

*Kindly Reminders
Thank you use TEXAS gold trackers, using in TEXAS before please read carefully operational guidelines, and properly kept for future reference. Operational guidelines can tell us how to use in TEXAS and the use of existing in the process of the risk of what may.
(1) Possible adverse factors: if the correct use of the instrument is not to bring any physical problems. Today’s science and technology condition, high frequency signal won’t give a person body any harm.
(2) The correct use of the environment: the low and high temperature below zero to instrument to hurt, to stay away from combustible and explosive of objects. To avoid danger please will instrument articles with other keep 50 meters distance?

(3) Operating voltage: The instrument uses the built-in battery. Charger before use of thisinstrument is equipped with a direct charge, Note: 230V voltagepower supply should never be used!! !

4) Metal objects on the instrument’s measurement, there will be
Someinterference, the measurement around your metal
Object.Therefore, pleaseremove
Mobile phone, necklaces, watches, keys and other metal

Introducing Texas Detective:

Texas Detective underground metal detector is a high performance search of gold instrument. USA Texas manufactured as professional strength metal detection. This type of detectors shows sensitivity and stability for the highest level of international similar products. Inaddition to the above characteristics, the other most prominent feature is to identify the type of metal, allowing you to easily finduseful metal objects, which do not have the function of the other types of similar products. With subsection detector, you can go to more places to expand the treasure-hunting activities, search forgold, silver, copper, precious stones.
The instrument field archeology and the scientific theory of the perfect combination of remote search system, as well as theprecise positioning of the detection system with high quality, breaking the conventional detection method, the use of micro-powerprocessor unit calibration of the control chip, the instrument self-testsystem, can easily and quickly scan, detect, greatly increasing thework efficiency of the treasure-hunting enthusiasts and reduce thedetection of labor intensity is the most advanced, practical,economical metal detection equipment.

Main features:
The kernel of the strongest products, intelligent modular operating
Powerful + easy + efficiency + speed
Easy to use and fast to use, advanced and efficient …
Search System: Microcomputer processor control and reflexconduction
Search range: 800 meters
Detection depth: 14 m
Energy: 12V 1600mAh
:5.6-6KHz The emission frequency
Signal frequency :360-440Hz
Weight: 3.2KG
Probe types: gold, silver, copper, precious stones
Charging Method: The instrument has been installed rechargeable battery, direct access to the charger to charge the battery, charging time is 10-12 hours.

Turn on Function
Open Texas Detective host of Search instrument switch,indicator flashes in the search instrument; when the host copperstalls search instrument on the appropriate indicator will lightcopper, select the host of silver, gold, gem stalls, search instrumenton the corresponding LED will light.
If the host stalls, search instrument on the corresponding indicatordoes not light up, you may host the search instrument power needs to be charged. The above normal, indicating that the instrument to normal, safe to use

Specification part
1, the proper use of the host as large as Texas Detective:
Will host the vertical hanging at the waist, trying to stay with the legs parallel, if you are a right hand search instrument, hanging in if you are left-handed operation, then hung on the left. Note: The removal of mobile phones, key chains and other metal items.
2, the proper use of the instrument as large as Texas Detective Search:
1-3 degrees upward tilt, search instrument; held search instrument, hand clamp body, do not shake; walking, pay attention to the scanning speed, if slow, not enough movement, do not make the instrument polarization. If the speed is too fast, it would undermine the discovery probe matter;
3, the company offers two specific detection method is more accurate for your convenience, quickly find the items you need.

The Box use method:
Recommended to narrow your search using the box method. This method can be as accurate as possible to locate. The first target on the ground, then you can learn to adjust the product to point to the direction of the target. Therefore, a skilled operator will usually set the, sample target through the target placed in the ground, observe the hit rate, and adjust the instrument, and then continue to work with the area after the crossover method to reduce the target range to maintain the parallel search.
Once you press the steps, and your region can be narrowed down to be equal to or less than 20 feet. You can then use ordinary metal detectors to get the job done. Some people well versed in the use of this product almost precisely locate the target point at the foot. To achieve this level, we recommend that you engage in active practice.
Care and maintenance
operating environment: temperature -40 ℃

Search system device: a guideline and audio
Ground-term depth: 15 meters
Front Range Horizontal scan: 1000 meters
Industry: U.S.