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Serching : Gold – Depth: 8 M – Long Range:800 M Sq – Power: 9 V
The SNB 200 device was designed for the professionals and miners for the gold, as our factories developed and modernized this device to cooperate with any environment or climate, that makes it give the best results and the precise at all, thanks to its high sensitive and its great ability in determining the target from far distances.
This device considered the smallest and lightest device in the world as it separated until it become like a group of pens connected with each other until it shows like a pistol.
This device proved itself by itself as it is the desire of any explorer in the world as it considered (The Magician Tester), its performance in work is independent and it can be depended on it in locating the target area from very far areas and save the time and effort.
how does the device work :
The idea of the device depends on the double tube which combines interact materials with thermal, solar energy and the static energy for body as when you touch the device it works immediately and charge itself automatically in a few seconds. The great development process on that device which done in our factories is giving amazing depths, electronic conductor in a permanent way and a conductive electronic circle with it to give it power and solidity in working in different earth topography.
So the device has a great ability on discovering for far distances and amazing depths, and the added electronic unit in the device development become instead of the body energy that makes it charges itself automatically anywhere.
Features and Characteristics:
1-This field examiner distinguished with its extreme ability in determining the zero point for the target. 2-This wonderful machine has easiness in use and flexibility in dealing with it. 3-The device has the ability in locating the exploratory range of the search wherever it was far or near. 4-The device describes with its high sensitive and accuracy in determining the goal from far distances. 5-This modern tester distinguished with its easy in separate and installation its small parts in addition to its light weight. 6-This genius device is provided with sensitive unit works to strength the signal to help in detection far goals and eliminate unwanted signals.

7-The device works in a safe and secret exploratory field as it does not affect with any outside influences or cause any disruption on the wire or wireless communication devices. 8-The device works with absolute power and complete effectiveness by sending and receiving exploratory signals through soil, air and water. The device does not affect with any kind of environment and earth topographies.
The technical Standards:
1-The device explores gold only. 2-Discovers to 10m depths. 3-The Front Range for research is 1500 m sq. 4-The battery works from 8 to 10 hours continuously. 5-When you have this device you will be amazed with its performance that what we assure it to you by 100%.
The device components:
1- The main unit consists of the controller keys. 2- Transmission unit of signals (digital). 3- Electronic receiving unit signals. 4- Arabic and English catalog. 5- An international insurance for one year. 6- Educational CD. 7- Aluminum bag for protection

Made in USA

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Search system device :remote sensing
Ground-term depth: 8meters
Front Range Horizontal scan: 800meters
Industry: U.S.