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Serching :Gold,Silver – Depth: 30 M – Long Range: 3 KM Sq – Power: 12 V
The Petra Queen device has been developed on magnificent foundations and ingredients from the scientific theories garantee a complete accuracy in detection and easiness in use
The technology of this device for searching and mining for gold and silver and inferred its place become with a professional in exploration of targets through the developed technology which made the Petra Queen 600 the power and solidity in working without affected with any obstacles from any kind.
how does the device work :
The device Petra Queen works with the tracker system in our factories in the U.S.A which is the modern geological survey system which is certified and exclusive for our trade agency, the device contains precious interior systems that perform the process of transmission and reception signals for gold silver in a very great distance and perfected depths.
This is by the new development which is the co-coordinated plosive discrimination to work in any soil or climate. We should discover the locations of gold and silver if it exist in the exploratory orbit of the device because it cuts the doubt by 150% percent this is what the past and the present proved .
Specifications and properties:
1. Small sized.
2. Demonstrate the depth with extreme accuracy.
3. Easy to use and accurate in results.
4. Explores (gold and silver) each one apart.
5. The power in sending and receiving signals as there is no way of any mistakes.
6. The device includes high quality specifications, unique technical, technological qualifications and consists of many features which surprise you when you owns it .
7. The device works in a safe and secret exploratory field as it does not affect with any outside influences or cause any disruption on the wire or wireless communication devices .
8. The device works with absolute power and complete effectiveness by sending and receiving exploratory signals in soil, air and water. The device does not affect with any kind of environment or earth topography.
The technical specifications:
1. A special key to determine the front search distance and the required depth as there are three choices :
• The first option (Depth 10 m and the front range 1 km sq).
•The second option (Depth 20 m and the front range 2 km sq).
• The third option (Depth 30m and the front range 3 km sq).
2. The device distinguished with containing guidance visible indicators towards the target preciously and directly.
3. The device gives light indicators to assure the existence of the target and marked it .
4. The device gives audio indicators alert the existence of the target and assure its location.
5. The power in performance and bear the difficult circumstances.
6. The battery works 10 hours continuous.
7. The battery is 12 volt.
Components of the device:
1- A tool bag is manufactured from enrich aluminum to protect the
device inside.
2- The basic unit of transmission and reception.
3- The unit of electronic signal transmission.
4- A reception unit of the electronic signal.
5- Extra manual reception unit.
6- A battery 12 volt which works for 10 hours continuously.
7- Arabic and English catalog.

Made in USA

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Search system device:remote sensing
Ground-term depth: 30 meters
Front Range horizontal Survey:3000 meters
Industry: U.S.