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Of Alaschaaria appliance chain Sears Pro is the latest version dedicated to researching
Only gold (electronically programmed to search for the electromagnetic field for Gold only)
The simplicity of use of this device to help millions of people to dig for
(Gold, gold coins, jewelry and treasures.
The Golden Mouse smaller remote sensing device detector for gold only captures this mouse
Golden Gold and enter the sites on the hideouts through burrows by fast frequencies
And a researcher at the treasure everywhere, it is effective in rugged areas
And great works efficiently and times of intense cold
Features and characteristics
– Detection of Gold
– A remote sensing bandwidth
– Identify measurable goal.
– Adjust the sensitivity.
– Lightweight.
– Yellow brass rods.
– Determine the depth of the target.
– 9-volt batteries.
– Front Range: 1 km
– Depth: 10 meters

One year from the date of purchase requirement not attempt to open the device or tampered with.

Made in America

Find system: remote sensing
Depth: 10 meters
Range: 1 meter