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Mitech (FTUT301A) Infrared Thermometer

Given the diversity of opinions and ideas a lot of customers get a device containing features and specifications shall be in the form of a pistol small lightweight easy to use and powerful performance as unanimous all desires and needs in the same request and expressed and emphasized the need for the existence of such specifications in a small device size, so I went group immediately in agreement with our factories in the United States to begin deciding manufacturing high-performance specifications and quality.

And began the process put all the ideas and proposals to create a specialized device detects gold and caves, buried treasures and determine their exact became ideas a reality thanks to the invention of this device


1 – The device works in winter with remarkable accuracy while in the rest of the seasons of the year working at night time only and preferably search after ten o’clock in the evening.
2 – The device works in the areas of regular soil and rock similarities
3 – The device works in old houses, walls and castles effectively good.
4 – a specialized device only detects the precious metals and caves and spaces in general.
5 – device has a compact, where the smallest electronic device detector for gold in the world.
6 – ease of movement and mobility, where is lighter than all other devices at all.
7 – complete simplicity in use and discover sites quickly and accurately complete.
8 – the possibility of super in goal setting and the midpoint (center).
9 – determines the depth of the target device discovered quite easily by the screen of the device (computer).
10 – The device contains four systems for research and exploration.
11 – The device works a 9-volt battery can be Tgiermn during 10 hours of continuous work.
12 – Weight 300 grams only.
13 – U.S. device industry.

Technical specifications:
1 – There is in the device technology for the discovery of gold only.
2 – There in the device technology to explore the caves.
3 – discovers the device to the depths of 8 meters below the surface, and the front range scans and looking a distance of 500 meters forward.
4 – This device combines all the techniques and specifications for lasers in general, which has unique properties and high technology of superior performance.
5 – device is equipped with a wave laser considered as sensors ground for measurement and tracking, and each wave of four departments inspected to be thereby survey and research with a total of four circles Player, in addition to the point of basic research, which broadcasts the signal from the device.

Basic Info.
Model NO.: FTUT301A
Standard: Celsius/Fahrenheit
Export Markets: Global
Additional Info.
Trademark: Mitech
Packing: Carton
Production Capacity: 10000 Sets/Month
Product Description
FTUT301 series non-contact type infrared thermo detector uses the ultra low power loss intelligence design. The ultra low power loss design guaranteed that the product can the longer time work, reduce for the user replaces when frequently the battery and the work owes the electricity the worry. An intelligent design help user more convenient test, catches quickly is measured the object the real value, simultaneously the measuring appliance can the intelligent choice battery or the USB connection power supply.

Temperature Range -18~350º C
Display Accuracy 1.8º C or 2%
Repeatability 0.5º C or-0.5%
Display Resolution 0.1
Distance to Spot Size 12: 1
Laser Power Class 2(II) operation
º C / º F Selection
Temperature Data Hold
Power USB (Auto Double Display Backlight) or 9V Battery (6F22)
Laser Switch
Electricity Cut º Ff Memory
MAX, MIN temperatures
DIF, AVG temperatures
Double Display Backlight EL
Sleep Mode
Tripod mount
Low Battery Display.

LCD Size 32 x 29 mm
Product Color Red and Grey
Product Net Weight 270g
Product Size 169 x 138 x 53 mm
Standard Accessories Battery, English Manual, USB Cable
Standard Individual Packing Gift Box
Standard Quantity Per Carton 32 pcs
Standard Carton Measurement 510 x 410 x 330 mm(0.069 CBM Per Standard Carton)
Standard Carton Gross Weight 13kg
System: laserthermal
Discover: caves-blanks-Gold-Jewellery
Ground depth: 8meters
Front Range: 500 meters