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Given the diversity of opinions and ideas a lot of customers to get a device that has the features and specifications shall be in the form of a pistol lightweight, easy to use and robust performance in terms of unanimous all wants and needs in the same request and expressed and stressed the need for the existence of such specifications in a small size, so I went Group immediately in agreement with our factories in the United States to begin manufacturing in the decision -class ultra – high – performance and quality.

The process began asked all to create a specialized device detects gold and caves and determine their exact ideas became a reality thanks to the invention of the FTDT8380

Specifications and characteristics FTDT8380 :

1 – The device works in winter accurately wonderful In the rest of the seasons of the year working at night time only and preferably be a search after ten o’clock in the evening .
2 – The device works in the areas of normal soil and rock similarities
3 – The device works inside the old houses , walls and castles effectively good.
4 – when determining the depth of the buried target press a key DEPTH
5 – the device only detects specialist on precious metals and caves and spaces in general.
6 – Enjoy device , where electronic is detector for gold in the world .
7 – Easy to move and move it , where is lighter than all the other devices at all.
8 – complete simplicity in use and discover sites on the face of the full speed and accuracy .
9 – The possibility of a super goal setting and point middle (middle ) .
10 – determines the depth of the target device detected quite easily by the screen of the device ( computer).
11 – The device contains four systems for research and exploration .
12 – The device works rechargeable 9-volt battery for during 10 hours continuous work .
13 – the weight of the device is only 300 grams .
14 – the American industry .

Technical specifications :

1 – There in the device the election only gold .

2 – There in the device genie the caves only.

3 – discovers the device to depths of 3 meters below the surface of the earth, and the major objectives of the exploration depth of up to 5 meters , and front -range scans and looking a distance of 100 meters forward.

4 – This device combines all the techniques and specifications for Hardware and , where enjoys unique characteristics and high technology of superior performance.

5 – wave Player considered as sensors ground for measurement and tracking, each containing a wave of four circles Player to be this survey and research the number of total of four circles Player, in addition to the point of basic research that is transmitted signal through the device and a distance of 5 square meters and you’re on your site ..

How programmable device FTDT8380 :

* GPS discovery of gold .
* GPS discovery of the caves .
* GPS , depth finder goal .
* gets on screen digital ( digital ) automatic system works automatically without any programming .
* By system ( Range ) is know comparison and ground balance and proportion of the natural rate of soil and through that self – the itself in just a few seconds .

Components device FTDT8380 :

17 – guide
2 – four major systems for research.
3 – Digital Screen Digital lit.
4 – Trigger control operation and closure.
5 – the possibility of amending the ability of radiation release .
6 – Directory of open space and discover the depth of detection .
7 – and hide the lighting console to the screen of the device .
8 – severe allergic reactions ( toward the goal Navigator ) .
9 – the acid of high-flow laser rays .
10 – Control unit in according to your need for detection.
11 – The main unit of the device in the form of a pistol easy to carry by hand.
12 – Touch Control keys to find out the direction of the target – the identity goal – the middle – depth.
13 – Control unit in the quality of laser radiation and hide while maintaining the work at the same time .
14 – measuring and discovers Aljhazmn ( – 20 C to 537 C) so as to dimensions and depths of amazing .
15 – Ensure international for a year.
16 – CD tutorial.
17 – leather bag waterproof and heat to save the device and protect it .

Search system for laser thermal
Discover : Gold – Silver – Jewelry – Caves
Depth: 5 meters
Front Range : 100 meters