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To satisfy all our customers, researchers’ needs all over the world, Future Treasures Group of Companies invented this powerful and developed device following a new guaranteed theory, and this is through the high technology which is included in the device that gives the searcher the chance and facilitates the procedure of treasures hunting. It makes it easy and without any difficulty or complexity. The device contains many advantages which qualifies it to be in the front of other effective devices for researchers and discoverers all over the world. This device considers the easiest and accurate devices in discovering treasures in the world and the easiest to use, the more effective. As through this explorer pistol we can follow the locations of treasures and valuables buried under the earth and monitor it with all accurate and insurance.
How does it work?!
The device can detect gold locations that exist under the ground at large distances because it operates on an innovative system and a great scientific theory which is the new geological survey. It sends thoroughly strong signals in all directions with intensified way, and receives and analyses them by an internal minicomputer, it gives the accurate details of the targets precisely.
The exploratory pistol determines the golden locations that are long-term that through the comprehensive exploratory systems programmed in this device. With that the device will be the broader device in locating the points that are more confirmation for the existence of gold and treasures. The device works through the new exploratory system ( The identified ) with high tech feature by recognize the required goals with a great range from the accused area , this quality grantee the user to recognize the large distances and locations which he surveys if there is any treasures or not in its place as there is no way of mistake absolutely .
Features and Characteristics:
1. Easy to use .
2. The device works in all types of different soil.
3. Works on 12 volt battery.
4. The period of battery working 10 hours continuously.
5. The device works with accuracy and absolute effectiveness in all difficult circumstances day and night.
6. It penetrates into all types of soil the easy and hard ones and it is not affected by any kind of insulators.
7. Putting settled for the device components to grantee solidity and make it easy to use and without any practice or skill.
8. The device discovers gold in all mountainous and rocky areas, all rugged lands and it includes all the old homes and houses.

9. The device works in all seasons, all day and night times and in all different topographies in accurate way as it is programmed for doing this.
10. The device does not influenced by the volcanic, fire and basaltic rocks and it works with power and accuracy in mountains, valleys and hard rocky areas that are very rugged.
11. The device penetrate with absolute effectiveness all the barriers and earth layers that consist of all topographies kinds, as it controls monitoring the golden goals and recognize them from very long distances.
12. The device discovers the target direction and gives the right track to reach the explored target.
13. The device works with a magnificent exploratory system in all areas, fields, historical cities, it has a unique feature in exploring goals, aqueducts, castles and rocky safes buried in walls.
14. The device works in old churches, old houses, castles, walls quietly and a confirmative assurance of the goals without any burden tiring, movement, destruction and transportation of any of these buildings.
The technical qualities:
1. The device depth reached to 45 m.
2. It is a complete digital device which works automatically.
3. The device determines the goals for absolute front distances reached to 5 km sq.
4. It searches for amazing depths and large distances easily and effectively till 100%.
5. The device is distinguished if it is strong, effective and exact; it analyses and surveys the area within a few minutes.
The device components:
1. Main unit.
2. Digital transmission system.
3. Electronic reception unit.
4. Target fixing device (digital).
5. International insurance for a year.
6. English and Arabic catalogues.
7. Educational CD.
8. Aluminum carriage bag to protect the device from inside.
Search system device:remote sensing
Ground-term depth: 15meters
Front Range horizontal Survey:2500 meters
Industry: U.S.