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A after a lot of efforts and many developed searches, the future Treasures Group companies have developed this great digital device which joined lately to the Golden Orbit Series. It has an unique way to discover gold in a developed way due to the technique included in the device and use it during the research process. This device many achievements and very special discovers in Syria and Levant and has been spread areas.

The is idea of device:-
The idea of the device works is a new and advanced innovation. It is the first comprehensive device concerning the function and the unique features of its kind which included for the first time in the series of these digital devices.
The Damascus device penetrates the ground and reaches the target quickly and with very developed way, because it has a great capacity to send and receive the signals and the frequencies that concerns this unique metal (Gold). This is thanks to the highly sensitive electronic units which are the first in world, that are included in the deice for detecting gold only.
This device works with the geological survey system which relies on the electromagnetic system, the frequency system and sensory system, in detection process that makes it achieve great discoveries and makes it always at the top,
Features and characteristics:
1. Aalthough it hasdistinguished with a high technique, it is easy to use.
2. It is light in weight, so it is easy to move from one place to another without any fatigue or hardship during searching process.
3. It has strong internal protection to keep it against an expected shocks during the process of research and exploration.
4. It determines the target and its depth quickly.
5. The device works in the exploratory field secretly and does not causes any disruption any wire or wireless communication device.
6. The device works with power and absolute effectiveness by influenced with any kinds of environment and earth topography.
7. It has high-quality standards and unique technical and technological advantage it contains a lot of characteristics that will surprise you when you have this device.

Technical specification:
1. special button to determine the distance of front search and the required depth before the search process where are three options:
• First option (the depth is 10m, the front range is 1Km square).
• Second option (the depth is 15m, the front range is 2Km square).
• Third option (the depth is 20m, the front range is 2Km square),
2. Gives light indicators to confirm the presence of the purpose and significance it.
3. The device sends audio indicators alert the existence of the targets and assure its place,
4. The device is distinguished with containing guidance instructive visiblesingles towards the target directly and precisely.
5. The devise provided with a sensitivity unit that is working to strengthen the signal and to help to detect the distant targets as well as exclude all unwanted signals.
6. It works by works from 8h. to 10h. continuously.

The device components
1. The main unit contains:
2. On/ Off key.
3. Digital crystal screen.
4. An electronic sending unit.
5. Electronic air system.
6. An electronic receiving unit.
7. Manual receiving unit.
8. Electronic digital unit.
9. Arabic & English catalog.
10. International ensure for one year.
11. Educational CD.
12. An aluminum carriage bag which is anti-shocks.

Made in USA

System: remote sensing electric + steering + EM
Depth: 20 meters
Range: 2000 meters