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The Athena device was manufactured according magnificent ingredients from scientific theories and great geological laws. As we used electronic slices in the technique of this device to search and explore the buried treasures underground and the inferred of its place whatever their hiding degree as the device sends powerful sensitive waves in the exploration area and receive it at the same time.
The device explores the buried places without any burden or effort whatever the depths are and the research distance big it’s easy for Athena which works in soil and air together>
The device spreads and proofs its efficiency in Greece area and neighboring countries as it presents a magnificent exploration about the ancient Greece civilization and praised by a lot of our customers. This device has been manufactured with a superior and certified system in our factories which are the perfect modern geological exploratory system, as it is provided with a small electronic slice makes the device a professional exploratory tool in the exploration technique about old treasures.
The idea of the device:
The electric generator produces and sends the waves by a wire form towards the gold and silver to hunt them up. The newest is that the device hunts the targets through the air as there is no way of any mistakes by the developed transmission device and the modern electronic receiving tool. The device demonstrates the target place and its depth easily.
Features & advantages:
1. Small size.
2. Designs for difficult missions.
3. Easy to use and gives accurate results.
4. Detects (gold& silver) each one alone.
5. Locate the center point and the locations of treasures and monuments precisely.
6. The strength in sending and receiving the signals as there is no way of any mistakes.
7. The device works in a secret and safe exploratory field as it does not influenced with any outside influences and does not causes any disruption on the wire or wireless communication devices.
8. The device works with a complete power and effectiveness by sending the exploratory signals in air, soil and water, it does not affected with any kind of environment and earth topography.
9. The device includes high quality specifications and unique technical and technological features, and contain of many characteristics which surprise you when you own this device.
The technical standards:
1. Front Range 1000 meter sq.
2. The exploratory depth 10 m.
3. Works on a 9 volt battery.
4. The period of battery working from 4 to 6 hours continuously.
5. The device produces an audio indicator.
6. Alert the existence of a target and assure its place.
7. The device gives light indicators to assure the existence of a target and mark it.
8. The device is distinguished with having a guidance visible indicator towards the target directly and precisely.

The device components:
1. The unit consists of:
• The control elements in choosing research target.
• The control key of the device sensitivity.
• A key to locate the research range (restricted – a large area).
2. The receiving unit (digital) is very sensitive.
3. The digital electronic antenna.
4. An international insurance for a year.
5. An Arabic & English catalog.
6. Aluminum bag anti water an shocks to protect the device.
Made in use
System: remote sensing steering
Front Range: 1000 square meters
Ground depth: 10meters