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Idea of the device:
The electric generator to create and send a wireless signal equal towards Gold. This signal penetrates the ground via leg power adapter. Antenna signal will kick off to let you test the accuracy and search for Gold, only the selected signal that will affect the earth and return to the unit.

The device components

Main unit and include

The front face of the device Alexander includes

Digital screen: – which show all the data and information for the device.

The back side of the device, Alexander and includes:

Bulb charger.
Inlet and outlet of the receiver.


The feeding and strengthening the transmit and receive signals during the search process and detect it contains highly sensitive electronic chips.
E-antenna system.

A directory that will pay Bokhzk to precious goals during the search and discovery process.

Electronic receiver.

This unit and its high technology to send and receive signals from the best receiver units used in these devices until the present time. Because of their effective capacity to exclude any unwanted signals and also their ability to detect distant targets and access accurate, making them one of the most important units used in the process of exploration and the search for gold metal.
12 volt battery.

Unit to make sure the target target finder
Receiver (Line Finder): – a small box with a nice voice with silver bars on the sides. In the front (left or right), there are red indicator light and switch control circular black RSL (received signal level) and measure the signal strength and the power switch / close, free movement and the control key ring Black Special (GAIN), an increase voltages. I’ve been installing batteries – are not midwives shipping – 9 volts. Behind the receiving device was installed two to get the tape. On the upper part of the bag there loudspeaker in the form of two small holes in it. There also carry بملقط bar. Added to the earpiece wonderful reception for easy reference to the presence of the target.

How to use
First set the device
This device is specially made to discover the most important minerals which gold is not there any device will be what he was doing a Damascus digitalis, learn to use this device before trying to find a treasure,,,,
1 – Start Connect propane to the back of the device according to the red color with red and black with black.
2 – instill propane land if the high heat of the sun advised to make a small hole does not exceed 18 inches and put a little water in order to ease the broadcast signal and then instill Ground sensor,,,,
3 – Start the device by pressing the control button Power will then screen digital lighting. Then Bamadadna the Baddh properties and important data in a row
– First the company’s name will appear Future Treasures.
– Then appear after the word Gold Device Group.
– And after the welcome message Welcome Alexander.
– And then show the serial number of the device. Serial No
– Then appear in the middle of the screen word Transmission.
– And then shows you how search is 5 km. Then
– Ask the device you have to wait four and a half minutes and then in the process of search
Second signal reception
1 – reached the receiver antenna-mail by their own cable and is preparing to receive the signal.
2 – Carry the receiver mail and the best place to campaign at the belt and carry antenna-mail must be fixed in your hands any trained to carry well Hold antenna mail level central body Bmrfiqik on your side and your arms pulled up to 45 degrees and leaving antennas far about 18 inches

3 – 4 meters far from the device and move around the device in a circular motion as shown in the figure makes the device path for the signal if the device baited target, which leads to contact with the antenna-mail that intersect in the form of x along the signal line between the generator and the goal.

So it must be between you and the antenna-mail high sensitivity to detect the signal, to make sure that the signal and validity Repeat the process of rotation, but from a different direction several times to make sure the signal.

Thirdly locate the target
After determining the direction of the path of the reference linking device and the target never move in the same direction but not directly manner glide Afawih will notice when they pass over the track signal intersects antenna-mail when away from the path diverges antenna mail again every time you cross the antenna mail check to determine the direction of the track exactly continued process piste even if I passed over the course of the reference did not intersect antenna-mail, it means you skip the target refer directly without glide in the direction of the path signal at the first intersection of the antenna-mail this is the center of the goal and point Alsntr This is illustrated in Figure detailed next.
Comes into play a Target Finder
After connecting the machine gun and adjust the sound and the strength of the wave go to Alsntr point to determine the precise location of the target and through audio (headset).
Twist the RSL and control keys GAIN ring roads and those on the receiving device to the following points (following each key point circular). Turn on the receiver.
Pistol towards the scanner on the ground after almost one meter in front of your feet. Then slowly move the gun from left to right in an arc in front of your body (at an angle of 60 to almost 90. If you do not hear any tone Move the control key ring GAIN small increase to the right until ¼ cycle from the point, never stray more than a quarter of a cycle point. repeated movement gun (such as process synagogues or scan) after each modification done to see if there is any tone, if there is a line goal will hear crackling light (such as counter Geiger) in each time you straighten gun or hear crackling constant while doing process scanning in an arc and accelerate Crackling and increases each time referring gun to the line. rise needle on the gauge signal strength or fall in line with the tone or Crackling. If there is no target will not hear any change in tone or Crackling while you scan the form arc. soon as you can find on-line raise pistol survey so refers to the goal, but do not move the gun to a higher level of the horizon and the only harm to restart the system setup and by correcting the gun toward the ground at one meter from your feet

Fourth, determine the depth of the target

We have already tested the following method as a method to calculate the approximate depth of the target.
When a broadcast tool in the location that it was when you select the target and when the tool is working and be broadcast antenna-mail in your hands. Stand above the target and the secret of the line at an angle of 90 degrees from broadcasting tool. In other words, if you stand above the target and a corresponding broadcast tool, you must wrap at an angle of 90 degrees to the right or your left. During Taktik above the target Vsibaeid antenna-mail about the status of the intersection and after keeping you away from the goal Satqataan again when the approximate depth. The distance from the target and even intersects antenna-mail is the approximate depth. This happens because of the impact of “halo” of the target spread around the target at an angle of 45 in all directions.
The best ways to protect the device

Store the device and its addenda in padded carrying case.
Remove the batteries if you plan to store the device for a longer period than a month.
Do not try to run the device while using a cell phone or mobile or other electronic tools.
Do not use detergents to clean the device but use a damp cloth
Do not leave the device in the car or in a closed vehicle during hot weather.
Do not leave the device in direct sunlight.
Do not use near flames.
Avoid device does get wet.
Save the device from dust and dirt.
Scan and replace batteries continuously and Carry spare batteries always.
Alkaline batteries best option.

Made in America

System: remote sensing electric + steering + EM
Depth: 20 meters
Range: 2000 meters