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MULTI-FREQUENCY DISCRIMINATION means that the X-SCAN appears to broadcast the frequency of all the elements alloyed in the sample placed in the Resonance (sample} Chamber.
For example: Placing an impure sample in the chamber such as 10k, 14k, or 18 karat Gold, which could be alloyed with copper, platinum, or silver means that the X-SCAN would also discriminate to the alloys as well as to the Gold. Using an impure sample in the chamber can be a disadvantage of locating unwanted elements in some cases. On the other hand multi-frequency discrimination can be a great advantage because of it’s versatility in that it appears to broadcast the combination of frequencies of whatever ingredients that are contained in the sample.
For example: The X-SCAN is the best Discrimination I have ever used for locating the combined ingredient of elements contained in paper currency or pharmaceuticals. Single Frequency Discriminators are limited to their programmed frequencies.
Some of the sample elements I’ve preliminary tested with the X-SCAN Discrimination on are; GOLD, SILVER, COPPER, LEAD, NICKELS, DIAMOND, EMERALD, GARNET, FLINT, and ASPiRIN. Using the Aspirin sample the X-SCAN also detected Cremora i my kitchen cabinet.
The X-SCAN multi-frequency discrimination is open to the trial of your imagination. Have fun experimenting.

Message: From GLENN BISHOP (Kentucky)
Dell, you have created a money monster machine, I have tried the x scan on currency on different locations and circumstances and weather conditions and it has been right on on all tries, I hid a $1 in two different places and when Sandy came in I had her to try to locate it and it took her about 15 min to locate both of them. later that night George Thompson, Sandy’s son came in and I had him look for it using the x scan and in about 10 min he had located both targets, the next morning when Cindy came in to work I had her to look for them using the x scan and in about 3 or 4 min she had located both targets, and the amazing thing about it is she had never used any kind of LRL or MFD, I also have noticed something else but I will tell you about that when I talk to you on the phone, George has been trying it on some of the targets that I have been hitting and is coming up the same place so all is looking good, the only thing to do now is to start digging behind it and see what happens.

System: a guide line of remote sensing
Depth: 15meters
Range: 1000 meters