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 WX 99

Serching :Ore Gold,Silver,DiamondBronze,Copper,Iron
Depth: 40 M – Long Range: 4 KM Sq – Power: 12 V
The WX99 device is considered the very developed version as it is an output of hard working years, and many experiments and researches, and different scientific theories to present this device which works with double power and absolute effectiveness in themost difficult kinds of soil to resist all the environmental and topography conditions as it is provided with fundamental constituents and fantastic technology in development which makes it a special device worth complete confidence in detection wherever you are.
The device idea:
The device works with the modern geological survey system in our factories and grantee a double power to the device to make it with great effectiveness and machinery.
The device supported with immovable with tidy connections to give stability in working and speed in performance to fruitful a succeed detection.
Features and Descriptions:
1) Lightweight.
2) Designed for hard tasks.
3) Easy to work and use.
4) The ability to discover each metal alone.
5) The Device determines the target depth and the center point preciously.
6) The device can detect about the soil and the air at the same time.
7) The device measures the explored target size in the bottom of the earth.
8) Provided with an electronic sensitive system to control the device sensitive.
9) The device gives audio indicators alert the existence of the target and assure its location.
10) The device gives light indicators to assure the existence of the target and marked it.
11) Provided with a quality and system works to purify the import and export signals.
12) Provided with two receiving devices to be able to hunt the signals easily.
13) The device contains guidance visible signals towards the target directly
14) There are more than one smart way to reach to the target and to fix its position extremely accurate.
15) The device contains an electronic pistol to discover the energy line (The target track and its center).
16) Put stables for the device components to fix it which make it easy to use and does not need any practice.
17) The device penetrates effectively all the ground layers and borders which is consist of all kinds of topography and control the monitoring of golden goals in a very vast area.
18) The device does not influenced by any fire, volcanic and basaltic rocks as it also works with very power and accuracy in mountains, valleys, hard rocks area and very rugged ones.
19) The device works in all seasons, in all day and night times, in different earth topography and in all weather conditions as it is programmed to work efficiently in all kinds of environment.
Technical Qualifications:
1) The device includes high quality specifications and unique technical and technological qualifications and consists of many features which surprise you when you own it.
2) The device works in old churches, cells, castles, fences and walls quietly and an affirmative monitoring of goals without any burden, exhaustion, movement, destruction, transportation or ruined of any of these buildings.
3) The device works in a safe and secret exploratory field as it does not affect with any outside influences or cause any disruption on the wire or wireless communication devices.
4) The device works with absolute power and effectiveness by sending exploratory indicators in soil, water and air. It does not influence with any kind of environment and earth topography.
5) The device has the quality of determining the required researched goals through the different range choosing keys :
• The first option: (depth 20M, front range 2km sq).
• The second option: (depth 30M, front range 3km sq).
• The third option: (depth 50M, front range 5km sq).
6) The device discovers lots of minerals such as 🙁 gold, silver, diamond, iron, cooper and bronze).
7) The device explores the target direction and gives the right track to reach to the explored target.
8) The device works with chargeable 12 volt internal battery.
9) The battery works from 8 hours to 10 hours continuous.
10) The device is completely digital and works automatically.
The Device Components:
1) The basic unit.
2) Sending device (Digital).
3) Electronic receiving unit.
4) Electronic aerial system.
5) Arabic and English catalogues.
6) Educational CD.
7) International insurance for a year.
8) The device anti-broken bag.
Search system device :remote sensing and audio EM Ionek
Ground-term depth: 40meters
Front Range horizontal Survey:4000 meters
Industry: U.S.