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By our exploratory team with the hard missions which considered the first team globally in the year 2008 which have an international pioneer and appreciation certificates through its great exploratory tour.
Which proved that the real discoveries is not in its number and size but in its rarity and value the thing that was made from gold can be compared with small thing from pottery because the value of a thing is by its rarity and beauty not its type .
The reports that made by our international exploratory team in many historical and ancient areas around the world from it the Nevada’s Mine in the USA and White Waters Rand mines in South Africa, or others in South America have proved the correction of our words as the magnificent pieces of antiques, jewelers, precious stones and valuable metals are natural substances and materials found in many places around the world.
If there is a device detects and explores for valuable thing and substances like liquids, materials, metals, precious manufactured and natural stones, so this will be the miracle of the unique discoveries for professionals, land owners, mines owners and all the investors in this field .What we can say is that the miracle becomes a reality to achieve this with the Sun Shine EXL 220.
The idea of the device:
The device works with the advanced technical geological survey system which is (The Sun Rays) system as the device uses an innovative scientific prospect in the detection technique which is using signals through water, air and soil in a quick way by the sending and receiving device that is perfect and high quality.
The device works automatically without any need to test or program it because it is completely digital, due to its small size and its easiness of using that makes it the best globally to monitor the treasures and gold locations.
The new in this developed version is providing the device with LXA system which helps in reaching to the caves entrance and gapes very precisely also it explore and research for liquids and many valuable things under the ground.
The working by this pioneer device which is positive in recognizing and extracting what you want because it has high level volt power as it transmits the signal professionally and determining the goals preciously.
Features and Descriptions:
1) The Device determines the target depth and the center point preciously.
2) It measures the target size of the explored target inside the earth.
3) Easy in using without any need for experience.
4) Provided with an electronic sensitive system to control the device sensitive.
5) The device gives light indicators to assure the existence of the target and marked it.
6) Provided with two receiving devices to be able to locate the target easily.
7) The device gives audio indicators alert the existence of the target and assure its location.
8) The device contains guidance visible signals towards the target directly.
9) The device explores the target direction and gives the right track to reach to the explored target.
10) The device contains an electronic pistol to discover the energy line (The target track and its center).
11) The device does not influenced by any fire, volcanic and basaltic rocks as it also works with very power and accuracy in mountains, valleys, hard rocks area and very rugged ones.
12) The device penetrates effectively all the ground layers and borders which is consist of all kinds of topography and control the monitoring of golden goals in a very vast area.
Technical Qualifications:
1) Designed for hard missions.
2) The device is completely automatic as it works automatically.
3) Digital screen which displays a direction messages for the client.
4) The device discovers lots of minerals and distinguishes between the following: ( gold, silver, diamond, calcium, carbon , tin, iron, nickel, zinc, lead, coal, wood, underground water, bronze, bulletin, caves, aluminum, sulfur, diamond carbon).
5) There is the quality of determination for the search as it is a fantastic quality you can through it know the explored range for the fare goals.
6) The quality of choosing the front searching distance and the depth as it is a quality harmonious with the effectiveness of the device as the user can determined the required range for discovery and the required depths that wanted to be searched for.
The upgrading optional system in the EXL is :
• First option (10 meters depth and Front Range 1000 km sq).
• Second option (20m depth and Front Range 2000 km sq).
• Third option (50m depth and 5000 km sq Front Range).
7) The device works in a safe and secret exploratory field as it does not affect with any outside influences or cause any disruption on the wire or wireless communication devices.
8) The device includes high quality specifications and unique technical and technological qualifications and consists of many features which surprise you when you own it.
The device Components:
1) A ground transmitting station.
2) Sending device (Digital).
3) Electronic receiving unit (optional).
4) Electronic antenna system.
5) A digital screen shows guiding messages.
6) International insurance for a year.
7) Educational CD.
8) Arabic English catalog.
9) A bag for carrying the device from strong plastic to protect the device from inside.

Search system device :remote sensing and audio EM ionek
Ground-term depth: 1000 meters of water 50 for metals
Front Range horizontal Survey:3000meters
Industry: U.S.