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This device has achieved a lot of achievements that surpass the imagination in Africa especially in Egypt it is specialist in discovering the ancient civilization secrets underground and a lot of people who use this device provided us with pictures for rare and precious pieces. Due to the time of the ancient pharaohs, with all trust, we present to you this device which becomes a symbol for the recent technology. This new invention that contains a lot of advantages which make it easy for the explorers to penetrate hardships and explore the unknown.
The device has been supplied with a high voltage which is changed to strong waves which penetrates the underground with strength and fastness. The device is completely digital, works automatically, and discovers all the minerals and ancient monuments, this feature that distinguished it form any other detectors. The device also contains the merit of fixedness of the electronic receiving unit which facilitates the process of using. We have developed this device to be able to search in all climatic conditions, at any times and in any place.
The idea of the device:
The device works by search system and the new geological survey which is high-frequency impulses sent to the earth by two sending devices in order to grant strength and assurance in hunting the signal, and after directing itself by sensitivity, and then transmit the waves which reach to the interior of the earth in a high speed. Then it extends its signal into the earth to know the ranges, and then begins to detect the precious targets.
The auto electronic receiving device that works automatically to determine the site and the depth, and verifying the target accurately.
The device is working by terrestrial and aerial system, to transmit the signals by air and earth and to ensure the places of targets with full precision.
Advantages and characteristics:
1. It is designed for the difficult missions.
2. The potentiality of determining the depth of the target in complete accuracy.
3. The device is completely digital. It works automatically.
4. Digital screen upon which show indicative guidelines messages.
5. There are more than one genius methods to reach the target and determine its site in a complete accuracy.
6. Make stabilizers to stabilize the components of the system and make it strong, which is not affected by shocks and bruises.
7. The device works in the exploratory field secretly and safely as it does not affected with any outside influences and does not causes any disruption on any wire or wireless communication devices.
8. The device works with power and absolute effectiveness by sending the exploratory signals in soil, air and water, it doesn’t influenced with any kinds of environment and earth topography.
9. It has high-quality standards unique technical and technological advantage it contain a lot of characteristics that will surprise you when you have this device.
Technical specifications:
1. The device discovers the following metals each metal separately (gold, silver, bronze, copper, diamond, iron).
2. Special button to determine the distance of the front search and required depth before the search where there are three options:
• First option (the depth is 10m and the Front Range is 1 km sq).
• Second option (the depth is 15 m and the Front Range is 1.5km sq).
• Third option (the depth is 20m and the Front Range is 2 km sq).
3. Gives light indicators to confirm the presence of the purpose and significance to it.
4. The device sends audio indicators alert the existence of the target and assure its place.
5. The device is distinguished with containing guidance instructive viable singles towards the target directly and precisely.
System: remote sensing steering
Depth: 30 meters
Range: 3000 meters