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The GREATSYSTEM is a scienrific instrument used for accurately locating treasure, subsurface metals , menerals; caves; turnels; water and ore deposits . Its does this by measuring the ground resistance between ground probs and comparing the results to know conductivity readings for various metals and menirals. This is a truly professional system for use in the most demanding tasks by archeologists, geologists, prospectors, mining companies, and treasure hunters.
The GREAT SYSTEM can be compared to other professional systems as follows .
1/ Seismic shock system – this is an operation involving the use of dynamite charges to produce shock waves which are analyzed by computer. It may indicate ore budies, caverns, metal objects, ect. This system requires expensive equipment ; skilled engineers, and special permits.
2/ Magnetic,ethod – the magnetometer must be accurately leveled and while effective , requires specially trained engineers with extreme care for measurements to find iron and variations of the earth magnetic field
3/ GREATSYSTEM – requires no special permits, no explosives, no chemicals, and easily finds nonferrous metals the unit is portable, sealed in a sturdy plastic case, and can be set up quickly and operated by one person. Our unit is powered by a 12 volt rechargeable sealed battery and generates a 25 volt signal. The signal transmitted between two ground rods at a time and then the signal strenth (ground resistevity) is compared to all six points in a square fashion. This tells the operator how conductive the ground is in the detected area. Ground conductivity will change based on such parameters as water, mineralization, minerals, voids, and metals.
The GREATSYSTEM has present metered readings to indicate if the unknown target could be: Gold; Silver, Copper, Platininum (presious metals) or iron, minerals, subsurface water, a cave or a tunnel.
If the meter has a low resistance reading there is probably a large cache of metal present. If there is a cave or tunnel the reading will have a high resistance reading. Some ground areas are extremely conductive and you should check the ground in the surrounding area to get a background reading. If you receive a visual light response and a big drop in the meter reading , then you have located a good conductive target. Gold usually indicates a reading of 10 to 40 on the Ohm scale, but you may obtain a reading of 50 Ohms if the surrounding area shows conductivity of around 100 – 200. A cave or tunnel will have a very hight reading of between 1.000 – 2.000 (10x) Ohms. This equipment will gave you a very clear picture of what’s below the surface.
The GREATSYSTEM has been used seccessfully to find buried treasure, placer deposits, and ore bodies. The target should have a mass, i twill not locate a coin or a small individual nugget unless in a placer pay streak. The size discrimination will be helpful when searching for larger targets.
When the instrument is setup there are four 1/2” copper coated ground rods with (4) 110 foot cables with new easy on/off copper rod clips that are set in the ground in raughly a square area around the GREATSYSTEM. By checking the noted readings on the meter it is easy to establish the type and location of the target. Once the location cation is established, the rods can be moved closer to the target to determine the debth. As the rods get closer the meter readings will continue to drop. When the readings stabilize, the target is approximately half the distance between the ground probes. Example : if the probes are 10 feet apart at the lowest reading. Then the targe twill be 5 feet deep .
We are proud of our GREATSYSTEM and belive that is one of the best tools available in the prospector and treasure hunters arsenal. It is an excellent locator with exceptional depth capability. It has found treasure in the Philippines, Mexico and around the world.
Now included : saled 12 volt battery (Non –spillable acceptable for transport), charger, sealed tight case for field locating.
New stainless steel wire holders with fast on/off copper rod clips, longer 18” copper coated rods with welded pull out .
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Scanning and detection system: a dynamic magnetic Sizima guideline Jalogi.
Exploratory term: 1930 meters over the horizontal.
Ground Range: 86 meters deep into the ground.