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Searching: Gold,Silver, Diamond,Bronze,Platinum Depth : 40 M – Long range : 4500 M Sq – Power 12 V
This is the first geological device which is universally adopted in measurement the signal reference for the buried metals, the device measures in modern system by electrical electronic to reach the areas to discover and monitor places of treasures, precious metals in a certain geo- scientific way.
This device presents unlimited chances to discover antiques, gold, treasures and all precious metals hunters, geologists and researches by its unique technology and through the ease of use.
This device is specialized in detecting gold, treasures and precious metals that makes it easy for the user to ignore all undesired targets and this is a great advantage, the new in the device is complete digital and works fully automatic, you just follow-up the electronic monitor in the device to see the target which will appear in the screen.
How does it work?
The used wave in working is the radio wave of modern radar geophysics system, this wave goes through the ways which have little resistance to move to the soil center, The precious metals with high average compare with mobile wave, when the device finds any precious metals, the results appear in the monitor and will determine the depth of the target easily.
The technical Standards:
1. The depth is 40m.
2. Its survey field is 4500m sq.
3. The device is complete digital.
4. Possibility to determine the depth of the targets.
5. High performance in sending and receiving signals and high sensitivity.
6. Detect (gold – silver – diamond – copper – brass – iron – other minerals).
7. Battery charger from 220 watt to 12 volt.
8. Vibrant and oscillator to send waves around 12 volts.
9. The battery works from 8 to 10 hours continuously.
The device components:
1. Switch Off / on button.
2. Link battery.
3. Battery entrance.
4. Battery indicator.
5. Digital crystal screen.
6. List of various values of minerals.
7. Links of wires with nails.
8- Long Range system connected wirelessly with the main unit through the long-term broadcasting system.
9- Test sample for the effectiveness of the device.
10. Arabic & English catalog.
11. Digital territories sensors for fast measurement.
12. Educational CD.
13. International ensure for one year.

Made in USA
System: aguideline+geologist
Depth: 40meters
Range: 4500 meters