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The device idea
Many years have passed in conducting tests and experiments on different theories and ideas to develop the small and powerful transmitter at the same time, which is capable of sending radar frequencies to the soil from a long distance. The tracking of such signal that comes from the soil by a multi-directional model 360-degree and this power is enough to make the target visible.
The device will send a signal to the ground by the energy unit, and if the desired target is in the scope of the search, the signals will be absorbed by the target, and then the indicator bars will be connected to complete the necessary reception circuit.FT 5000 can detect many minerals such as (gold, silver, copper, tin, lead, iron, diamond, emerald and bronze).
FT 5000 is the latest invention from long range devices that has designed especially for professional treasures explorers. This system uses a survey gun, an electronic researcher and a reception antenna with adjustable electricity level, which allows near or long-term discovery.
As it is an integral audiovisual system, there is no need to use headphones.This system is also fully self-programmed to identify the target area and the center point and also identify the depth addition to the size of the target.
This device is considered the strongest device in the FT series for discovery by sensory remote, the search systems operate with a mini processor, and they determine the locations from fare in addition to send and receive signals from all objects for many miles away.
Features and Descriptions:
1. A key for determining the size of the target (Sensitivity key).
2. The Device determines the target depth and the center point preciously.
3. The device measures the target size of the explored target inside the earth.
4. The device gives audio indicators alert the existence of the target and assure its location.
5. The device gives light indicators to assure the existence of the target and marked it.
6. A key for controlling the research range (restricted area – vast area).
7. This wonderful device distinguished with containing guidance visible indicators towards the target preciously and directly.
8. The device contains an electronic pistol to discover the energy line (The target track and its center).
9. The device works in a safe and secret exploratory field as it does not affect with any outside influences or cause any disruption on the wire or wireless communication devices.
10. The device works in all seasons, in all day and night times, in different earth topography and in all weather conditions as it is programmed to work efficiently in all kinds of environment.
11. The device does not influenced by any fire, volcanic and basaltic rocks as it also works with very power and accuracy in mountains, valleys, hard rocks area and very rugged ones.
12. The device penetrates effectively all the ground layers and borders which is consist of all kinds of topography and control the monitoring of golden goals in a very vast area.
13. The device explores the target direction and gives the right track to reach to the explored target.
14. The device works with a magnificent exploratory system in all areas, field and historical cities; it also has a unique feature in exploring the buried goals in wall, aqueducts, castles and stony safes.
Technical Qualifications:
1) The device search and survey for front distances with a circle form in all directions for 4 km sq.
2) The exploratory depth for the device is 40m in all kinds of soil.
3) The device explores each of these metals each one apart (gold, silver, diamond, corundum, and cooper).
4) The device includes high quality specifications and unique technical, technological qualifications and consists of many features which surprise you when you own it.
5) The device works in old churches, cells, castles, fences and walls quietly and an affirmative monitoring of goals without any burden, exhaustion, movement, destruction, transportation or ruined of any of these buildings.
The Device Components:
1) Transmitter (The main unit).
2) Receiver with neck strap.
3) A Survey gun and reception antenna.
4) Rechargeable gel battery.
5) A pistol to assure the target and the center location.
6) Powerful Charger marked by FT.
7) Arabic and English catalog.
8) Educational CD.
9) International insurance for a year.
10) Aluminum bag anti-water and shocks to save and protect the device.
Search System device: audio remote sensing em and Aanuink
Ground-term depth: 40meters
Front Range Horizontalscan: 5000 meters
Industry: U.S.