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He was the perfect device multifunctional business, he device integrated all searches and exploration in the land difficult and rugged and mountainous areas , this device Model 2013 operates automatic system Wireless ( WIRE Council ) and contains two suitcases first includes the main unit of the device and an adult guiding long-range and bag the second contains the box for exploration .
Characteristics and advantages of the device:
• The device works the Alkahrbaúaalahaai system and electromagnetic system .
• The device works with an electronic programming to identify the nature of the soil and a self – balancing with any kind of soil.
• Programming the device itself after 20 seconds of guidance to the ground to be ready for the exploration process with far – reaching electronic adult and cleared 1,000 meters forward.
• filtering are all non – required metals through a purification procedure.
• You can choose which metal you want to search through the touch key on the main unit to appear at the same time the name of the metal to electronic scanner ( adult )
• attached to the main unit on the neck and put the speakers in the ear electronic scanner and stuck your hand in order to guide you to areas that contain precious Dfaún and up to 1,000 square meters.
• until the arrival of the goal and key Trabieh you move from TR to put desk and you open the device ON to the right of the main unit and then DSK reached on the main unit and the device sprayed audio signal to install the goal and make sure of its existence.
• There are 5 keys in the main unit to measure the weight and size of the target and depth of the underground and there Hua key to clear the old signals and taking new signals to make sure the target again .
The functions of the device :
• Detects device 4 a major metals ( gold . Silver . Copper. Jewelry )
• Front Range of the device 1000 meters.
• Depth ground 20 meters .
• Internal Battery 12 volt rechargeable 8 hours and work 10 hours continuously.
• The total weight of 8 kg device .
• Speakerphone and headset .
• Car charger home charger .
• Sir educational Arabic and English catalog .
• U.S. industry
Device detection system : induction and electromagnetic voice
Ground -term depth : 20 meters
Front – term horizontal Survey: 1000 meters
Industry: U.S.