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PSD MAT Diamond Tester

The idea of the device:
Thanks to the high technique and advanced components The device works meticulously examine diamonds and very easily where no sound Sfirghyrmottagta the .
The advantage of this device from the principles of electrical and thermal conductivity using our technology that we have reached and we got the privileges , Valmsparalve based measurements in addition to the whole circuit has been designed to collect information about Alahjaralta be scanned and isolate it by remote control miniature rate .
And the g Aljha displays the test result in only a fraction of a second , there is no need anymore to period of Alantza between each test and the next.
Features and characteristics :
1 – pocket – sized device .
Height: 160 mm.
Width: 42 mm.
Thickness: 22 mm .
2 – Weight : 97 grams with battery.
3 – pointer to the battery power is low .
4 – Metal detector ( a audio descriptive Rmottagta ) .
5 – a low level of consumption of the battery.
6 – a small bag to save the device .
7 – automatic closure system of energy.
I Marjhaz examiner diamonds Zulachtbarat the multi- laboratory tests intensive and comprehensive , which provides the user with a clear result reliable about whether stone which is examined diamonds or
“Moissanite” or otherwise.
Recommended examine the device and calibrated once a year in the service department .
Made in America