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MAT 2 Rechargeable

The idea of the device
Thanks to its high technique and its developed components, this device tests diamonds easily and accurately, it produces a continuous whistle sound.
The device depends on the feature of thermal and electrical conductivity and uses the techniques we have got their privilege. The probe and the electrical circuits are designed to collect data about the stones that have been tested and isolated by mini advanced remote control. The device displays the test results within a split of a second so there is no need any more to wait for a period of time between tests.
Features and Descriptions
1-Pocket size:
*Height: 160mm.
*Width: 42mm.
*Thickness: 22mm.
2-The device weights: 97Grams including the battery.
3-Low batteries indicator.
4-Metal detector (continuous whistle sound).
5-The consumption of the battery is Low.
6- A small bag for saving the device
7-Automatic Power Shutdown.
This diamonds Tester with multi tests has been passed through many intensive and comprehensive lab tests so this device will give its user certain and clear results of whether the tested stone is real diamonds, or just “Moissanite” or something else. It is recommended to examine and caliber the device once a year through the service section.

Made in USA