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Diamond Tester FTG

FT Diamond Tester

The idea of the device
It is obvious that there is hesitation when buying Diamonds, Rubies, Garnets, Sapphire or Emerald because the markets are full of fraud, deceit and imitated objects. However, now there is jewelry tester with which you will no longer hesitate, its high techniques enables you to avoid fraud in the markets. It examines and reveals the real diamonds and forged diamonds very easily.
The device relies only on a battery and uses of conductive temperature of diamond in order to distinguish between real and fake diamonds with a simple touch for the testing probe (in the form of pen), then sending light (green : a real, red : fake).
Features and Descriptions
1-Quick and Precise at work.
2-Precise Laboratory Analysis.
3- Differentiation between Colored Precious Stones.
4-Thermal Conductivity Tester.
5-Easy to use.
6-Light weight.
7-2 Testing Discs.
8-Testing Probe.
9- Two AA Batteries of 1.5 Volt.
10-Weight: 272gm.
11-Length: 165 mm.

Made in USA