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Diamond Knight

The Diamond Night Tester

This device is considered with a one step action and has developed and modern design. It is considered one of the most efficient and developed diamond tester devices, as you will get the test result in only one second, this result will be sure by 100% whatever the diamond was real, artificial or faked. It works by touching the probe to the rock : If you get a green signal + audio signal that means it real diamond , but if you get red light + continuous ring but weak it will be monazite , but did not get any signal this will be a faked and imaginary target. It works with an automatic system as it shutdown automatically to save the power.

Features and Descriptions

1. Easy to carry and use.

2.An automatic system to save the power (every 3 minutes).

3.Smooth and easy way for reading the features.

4.Light Signals (red- green).

5.Audio Signals.

6.9 Volt Battery.

7. Indispensable for any outside energy

Made in USA