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BSD Multi Diamond Tester

BSD Tester Diamond Tester MULTI

The idea of the device:
This device has been designed so that it includes the sensors are compared , and the circuitry is working to gather information and classified at high speed.
The device relies on property electrical and thermal conductivity , also benefit from the principles of electrical and thermal conductivity using our technology that we have reached and we got privileges.
The probe, which is based measurements in addition to the whole circuit has been designed to collect information about stones that are being tested , isolated, and by means of a remote control miniature rate, and the DIVICE displays the test result in only a fraction of a second .

Features and characteristics :
1 – does not need a period of Alantza Rypien each test and the next.
2 – Works on direct current or alternate .
3 – Measurement of the pocket-sized device :
Length – 160 mm
Width – 42 mm
Thickness – 22 mm
4 – The device weighs 97 grams with the battery .
5 – pointer to the low level of energy in the battery .
6 – internal metal detector .
7 – clearly displayed on the system ( LED ) Diamond – type “Moissanite” and metal catalysts .
8 – automatic closure system of energy.
9 – Thermal conductivity .
10 – Connecting an electrician.
11 – a system of sensors .
12 – electrical circuit .
13 – miniature remote control and rate .
14 – photolithography and clear signal .
15 – always recommended examining the device and calibrated once a year.
Device has passed the test with a diamond tester data multiple laboratory tests intensive and comprehensive , and this device will give its user a clear result and reliable about whether the stone which was examined by the diamonds or “Moissanite” or otherwise.

Made in America