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The idea of the device
Until very recently time some customers were using thermal diamond tester (which depends on the conductive heat) to distinguish between real diamonds and fake diamonds, and although they got the result, some remain afraid and doubtful of whether this testing is feasible or not.
Finally ftg group found the solution so as customers will no longer doubt. The company manufactured a device called “Austron” which tests fore a second time in order to confirm results.
Its work is based on operating system and waiting for a green signal (LED) then put the probe on the clean and dry rock. If you find “Moisonite” or artificial diamond you will get a visual signal (red light).
Features and Descriptions
1-Visual signs (Green-Red).
2-It doesn’t need rest time.
3-It detects hand-made diamonds.
4-NiCad battery 1.5 AA volt.
Made In USA