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FTG charger

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These centers and bodies have supported electricity and power charger because it is multi-purpose and uses and has durability and unmatched quality and bears for many years because of its strength and manufacturer This charger Alzha ship all the electronics at different inputs and voltages power as one of the necessary products in daily uses, especially in times of travel and attached with this The device has 8 inputs of different sizes with an additional car charger, its boost in DC12V and AC 110-240V to OUT DC12-24 V – 100 W

User Manual: Used to charge all electronic gadgets such as Alabtop, Alkamirat and electronic devices, it is also an excellent and fast charger for gold and metal detectors


Thank you for purchasing our professional magic charger. Please contact the power input as follows.

AC Input: 110-240 AC 50/60Hz or DC Output: DC 12V

Connect AC or DC power to the power supply unit code.

Output voltage can be adjusted from 12 to 24 capital before switching.

Please choose the proper output connector and connect the power supply to your computer Magic Charger.

Auxiliary USB 5V DC 2A Max

Please do not exceed the maximum output power rating of the power supply unit

Price: $199.