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Ade651 wasingto

Aahran theory ELECTRO-STATIC, a force of attraction electrostatic signal and strongly explosive materials generated as a result of shipping Ionian because explosives contain nitrogen atoms and these atoms are unstable and the nucleus of nitrogen also is round and contain special torque electric quartet, which is called Electric Quadruple Moment therefore a ADE651 the for the detection of explosives and components with complete precision.
Device is very simple and easy to carry and use, and is composed of the following parts:
1-By the handle made of conductive materials and is connected to the device to create electrical attraction and electrostatic attraction
2-Radar indicator of the direction of the antenna mobile ANTENNA DIRECTION INDCATOR
3-Alone read labels CARD READER
4-Connection cable
5-Labeling of materials required disclosure These cards contain special files programmed sense of disclosure that came with the device.

6-That all explosive materials have its own nuclear resonance to the presence of nitrogen atoms inside this device can detect these substances because it contains a programmer to generate a special resonance similar to the natural resonance Detection Card emitted by explosive materials.

7-This device generates static through antistatic energy in the body and the device supports strongly the other and so when an admin and search for explosive materials.

8-Begin the process of searching for explosive materials starts bobbing and attraction ringing generator cards with ringing emitted by explosive materials, causing the attraction antenna antenna and takes direction indicator towards explosive materials immediately.9
10. Efficient workmanship ISO9002 certificate
11-Country names and institutions of the user of the device which was succeeded by the highly
ID cards for explosive materials.12