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Item code: IS-QSH150
Quantum Sniffer™ QS-H150
Portable Hand-held Explosives Trace Detector Quantum Sniffer Technology The Quantum Sniffer QS-H150 is a hand-held explosives detector that rapidly detects and identifies trace amounts of a wide variety of military, commercial, and homemade explosives (HMEs). Its innovative design provides operational advantages that make it highly effective in real world detection situations— advantages proven time and again in customer evaluations. The QS-H150 employs a patented heated vortex collector for the simultaneous detection of explosives particulates and vapors, with or without contact and in real-time. It also includes a patented non-radioactive ionization source and a low maintenance, contamination resistant design. Accurate and Efficient Using the same Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) analysis technology as bench top explosives trace detectors, the QS-H150 is portable, easy to use, and offers the choice of collecting samples directly from a surface or using sample traps. The Quantum Sniffer performs real-time detection, alarming and stopping the sampling process as soon as a threat is identified in order to limit equipment contamination and enable ultra-fast clear-down. The presence of a threat is indicated by both visible and audible alarms, with the substance identification displayed on the integrated LCD screen. Optionally, and at any time, a monitor and keyboard may be connected for convenient access to spectrogram display and analysis tools, administrative tools, and diagnostics. Automatic and continuous self-calibration prevents errors that could result from forgetting to calibrate. The QS-H150 monitors its environment, senses changes that would affect its analysis, and re-calibrates accordingly. No user intervention, no calibration consumables, no system down-time. Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Operation and maintenance expenses are extremely low with the QS-H150. Consumables costs are greatly minimized; no dopants are used, no calibration or verification onsumables are required. Routine maintenance consists only of care and cleaning using common supplies, and desiccant replacement as required. There is no radioactive material used in the QS-H150, so there are no associated certifications, licenses, inspections, or end-of-life disposal issues. PDF Quantum Sniffer More specs