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The N2200 Handheld Narcotics Detector the most advanced explosive and chemical detection systems in the world. In demand around the world, the N2200 is a reliable narcotics detection device for combating trafficking and enforcing the law. If portability, ease of use, reliability and cost-effective operation are critical, then this narcotics device is the answer. Operation: A sample is obtained from a suspected article using a cotton glove. The sample is then transferred to a screen which is inserted into the sampling port. The N2200 then processes the sample immediately and provides a detailed analysis in seconds. All results are indicated on the LCD graphic display and a volume adjustable audio alarm, making detection a simple one-step process. Portable: Self-contained, lightweight and comes in a fully equipped, rugged carrying case that is field ready. Easy to use: Simple push-button automatic sampling with go/no go readouts displayed with an easy-to-read LCD. Ideal for nontechnical personnel. Better Value: Cost effective choice with low maintenance and consumable costs. Flexible Power Sources: Comes with a choice of 12 volt DC rechargeable battery pack, AC/DC convertor and vehicle adapter power options. Convenient for use in a variety of field conditions. Sensitive and Selective: Can detect minute traces of cocaine, opiates (heroin and morphine), cannabis (marijuana and hashish) and amphetamine-type stimulants (methamphetamine), making it a valuable partner in critical narcotics detection scenarios. No Radioactive Source: Operates without a radioactive source. Eliminates operator, environmental and regulatory concerns. Fast Cleanout and Recovery after Overloads and Hits Easily Processes Dirty Street Drugs New PowerSave ModeTypical Users and Installations: Police and Law Enforcement Security Forces Correctional Institutions Customs and Border Control Aviation and Marine Carriers Postal and Courier Services Schools Private Industry Military N2200 New Electronics &So¬ware ~ Robust Field Unit ~ For Real Street Drugs Technical Specification:DETECTION PRINCIPLE: Gas chromatography/surface ionization detection RADIOACTIVITY: No radioactive source, no licensing required DETECTABLE COMPOUNDS: Cocaine Opiates (heroin and morphine) Cannabis (marijuana and hashish) Amphetamines (ecstasy/MDMA and methamphetamine) SENSITIVITY:NanogramSAMPLING CAPABILITIES: Particle ANALYSIS TIME:<40 seconds WARM UP TIME:<20 minutes CARRIER GAS: None required (ambient air) CONTROLS: Power switch Keypad, Volume Control Automatic sample switch OPERATIONAL STATUS: LED (light emitting diode) indicators Color LCD (liquid crystal display) with graphical display, Audio Alarm. DATA STORAGE: 254 retrievable data records COMMUNICATIONS: RS-232 serial output port for remote control and monitoring POWER SUPPLY: 12 volt DC rechargeable battery pack 12 volt AC adapter 100-240V Vehicle power adapter cable (cigarette lighter) OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -5°C to +55°C (+23°F to +131°F) STORAGE TEMPERATURE: -5°C to +65°C (+23°F to +149°F) UNIT WEIGHT: 2.95 kilos (6.50 pounds) no battery 5.23 kilos (11.53 pounds) including battery UNIT DIMENSIONS: (LxWxH) 51×12.5×14 cm (20x5x5.5 inches) SHIPPING WEIGHT: 23 kilos (51 pounds) SHIPPING DIMENSIONS: (LxWxH) 79x52x29 cm (31×20.4×11.4 inches) WARRANTY: One year Technical specification subject to change without notice