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Detecting Trace Chemical Analytes

PRODUCT ALERT: Quantitative and Qualitative Detection and Identification of Adulterants in Food and Trace Contaminants
Product Overview
A new approach for the instant quantitative determination of impurities of materials was developed by Appealing Products, Inc.
The Analytical System Consists of Four Main Components:
1. Disposable Cards, ChemSense QuantTabs™. The QuantTab™ Determination Cards are small disposable cards which change ther color when a droplet of test solution with the analyte touches their sensing element.
2. Electronic Reader, EYAL™ DD-06L-C. The electronic reader works with ChemSee’s full range of ChemSense QuantTab™ Cards, allowing for quantitative analysis of the contaminate. The electronic reader looks at the color change and quantifies the color formed on the ChemSenseQuantTab™. The signal from the reader is fed into a computer with the proper software.
3. A Computer, which can be any Windows desktop PC or laptop that the software can be downloaded to. This component is sold separately.
4. Software Package which is unique to the analyte being determined. The software converts the reading into a quantitative measure of the concentration, displays it on the reader and on the computer and stores the data for subsequent analysis.
The ChemSenseQuantTab™ Determination Cards
The QuantTab™ Determination Cards utilize proprietary dry chemistry to quantify analytes in solution. A typical application may be the adulterants in food. An example of the use of the ChemSenseQuantTab™ for the determination of free chlorine in a sample is shown below.
A wide range of ChemSenseQuantTab™ Determination Cards are available for specific food adulterants.
Currently Available ChemSenseQuantTab™ Determination Cards Include:
• QuantTab™ for Formaldehyde – CS-FRM03
• QuantTab™ for Sulfites – CS-SI03
• QuantTab™ for Hydrogen Peroxide – CS-HP03
• QuantTab™ for Nitrates – CS-NI02
• QuantTab™ for Nitrites – CS-NI03
• QuantTab™ for Borax/Boric Acid – CS-BRX03
• QuantTab™ for Chlorine – CS-CHL03
ChemSenseQuantTab™ Determination Cards are now avlaible for illegal food colorants. These include QuantTab™ Cards for Analine Yellow, Methyl Yellow, Rhodamine B as well as others.
New ChemSenseQuantTab™ Determination Cards are being developed and added daily. If you have a need for the determination of a specific analyte, please let us know and we shall be happy and try to accommodate it.
Main Components
Colorimetric QuantTab™ Food Adulterant Determination Cards
Quantitative EYAL™ DD-06L-C System

• Ideal for Instant Testing for Specific Adulterants.
• Semi-quantitative, Visual Analysis.
• Selective Response
• Relatively Long Shelf-Life • Ideal for Instant Routine Monitoring of Production Facilities and Government Regulation Agencies
• Obtain Instantly the Concentration of Adulterant
• Fully Quantitative
• Automatically Tracks, Records and Stores the data for Archiving and Future Analysis
For pricing and additional information on QuantTab™ and Readers, please Request a Quote and More Information
AvaliableQuantTab™ Determination Cards for Specific Food Adulterant and other Analytes
A wide range of detectors are available for specific food adulterants. The ChemSenseQuantTab Determination Cards are small and lightweight (about the size of a business card).

EYAL™ DD-06L-C Quantitative Electronic Reader
ChemSee’s EYAL™ DD-06L-C Electronic Reader is used to accurately quantify, record and track the concentration of adulterants in a sample.
Different software packages are required for the quantification, archiving and analysis of each type of analyte.