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ce – 148 PLUS

High quality to detect bomb 1.Portable mole type 2.For airport customs revealed 3.NG-PG explosive level 4. Bomb Detector
Approved drug explosives detector -148 CE vehicle bomb detector detector

1-Type: Convertible car bomb

2-General Introduction

MOLE has caused bomb detector GT200-E detect explosives after a great revolution in the field of explosives detection. It is used to detect whether there was an explosive device in a particular area and determine its position.
3-Features to detect a car bomb

Can detect the bomb 1.MOLE GT200-E detect and locate this article through the walls, and all kinds of metal, concrete, lead seal cases, shipping container, vacuum flask, and soil, and ice-covered layer etc..

Revealed 2.During, MOLE GT200-E to detect a bomb would only respond to content with “properties” in the same area.

By MOLE GT200-E to detect a bomb, you can clear after a wide range of the target area, and provide a lot of human and material resources.

Advantages to detect a car bomb:
1-Long-distance detection: 150 meters generally, but up to 650 meters of the sea. Can detect detect several only traditional centimeters.
2-High efficiency: it only takes a few minutes to search an area of 50 meters x 50 meters.
3-No pollution: other devices easily contaminated, it is difficult to be cleaned. But can MOLE GT200-E avoid contamination.
4-Can penetrate through all types of media such as wall, container shipping, packing and mineral water, etc., and found explosive materials although they are hidden in containers very tight, which is impossible for other devices.
Indistinguishable of 5.It game, perfume, air freshener, soap, cigarettes, sweat, and avoid false alarm.
5-Easy maintenance and did not consume materials.

6-Detect targets
Ammunition / cartridge, plastic explosives, ammonium nitrate AMFO, Alhecsugin, TNT explosive, nitroglycerine explosive, black powder, bomber, Alhecsugin, HMX, penthrite (PETN), ammonium nitrate explosive, and picric acid, emulsion explosive, rubber explosive gelatin explosive underwater, The fireworks and firecrackers etc..
Ion mobility spectrum
Sample Type:
Particles, vapors and aerosols (IMS)
Explosives detection:
TNT, DNT, NG, PETN, black powder, RDX, HMX, downloaded, ammonium nitrate, C4 ..
Ng to graduate level
Analysis time:
2to 10 seconds
Warm up time:
VDC, 50/60HZ 220/110
VDC, lithium ion battery, and more than 4hr 22.4
Audio and visual warning
3.5 “TFT color screen
auromatic calibration lnternal
Less than 3.5kg (with battery)
Working Temperature:
-10 ° C to 60 ° C
Relative humidity:
≤ 93%
USB, RS232
Data Memory:
100000record (2G SD card)
5-A source of strength
Static electricity in the human body
6-Scope of Application
7-Safety inspection important conference, border patrol, airport, wharf and open positions, and the suspected areas.
8- Protection of VIP persons on the road, and revealed the suicide blas
9-Sanctions site investigation: Judge whether criminal owns rifle ammo, hijacker carrying explosive materials or not.
10-Find hidden detonator and explosive materials
11-Check whether there are hazardous materials on the main road, and sidewalk barrier