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How does the device work :

You can find with this device :treasures, coins, buried metals, golden alloys and ancient antiques and determining the boxes locations that contain golden and silver pieces through your scanning device for the locations of these targets.The device sends electromagnetic waves in order to recognize and discover magnetic fields for buried metals and ignores the magnetic fields that look similar to these metals such as the metallic rocks.
The ZX 20L is divided into two systems: reception and sending systems on a fixed box on the handle of the device. The device ZX 20L divides into two systems transmission system and receiving system in a stable box on the device barrier. While using this device you can penetrate deeper depths in spite of its small size. That is by providing it with sensitivity unit with high frequency which you can determine the size of coins, boxes and treasures to a depth of 3.5m.Generally The ZX 20L detector is from the simplest type of the detection devices for metals and the most using ones , so any amateur of search and treasures explorer can use this device accuracy.
The principle of work:
ZX 20 L can produce an electromagnetic field that penetrates into the soil in order to reach its bottom and know all the electromagnetic fields and changes of the buried metals. After that it receives this signal and illustrated it with audio signal signifies the existence of this metal and also locate its position exactly in order to be able to extract and digging it.Specifications and Characteristics:
1. Lightweight.
2. Easy to use.
3. Easy to detach and to join it.
4. The possibility to determine the center of the target and its size.
5. ZX 20 L is capable to access the depth of more than 3.5m.
6. ZX 20 L is provided with two sensitive Units Control (outside sensitivity and inside sensitivity).
7. Provided with automatic system which can make it cob and work with all types of soil in addition to keep excellent performance in different temperature and change moisture.
Device Components:
ZX 20 L is composed of the following parts:
1. Searching ring which is white ring with a size of 55cm.
2. Metallic links of steel that is Non-rust.
3. Manual handles from reinforced Plastic.
4. The main control unit.
5. Battery Pack.
6. Conduct wire between the Main Control Panel and the Seminar sensors
.Control Unit:
The main unit considers a micro processor which analyses and deals with data regularly and continuously, beside its function in controlling all aspects of search operation. Through this group you will be able to execute the search and detecting operation easily and trusty.
The Control Unit is composed of the following:
1. Operation key Start/Stop.
2. Sensitivity key.
3. Sound Control key.
4. Lamps signals.
5. Special determination key Sensitivity Exact.

Search system device: electromagnetic
Ground-term depth: 2.5 meters
Front Range Horizontal scan: 1 meter

Made in Poland