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The idea of the device
The device works with the modern geological survey system certified in our factories as it sends signals by the double electronic unit, as the device works with transmit the radiation signals to far distances by the directed guide this guide is picking the goals from far distance extend to thousand meter after that the optical survey which depends on sending electromagnetic waves in the soil that penetrates to 8m depths under the surface of the earth.
The double integration in the device makes it real power in the real flexible exploration which put in front of the explorer eye the absolute satisfaction in hunting the golden goal.

Features and specifications:
1. The device explores the main metals in exploration each one apart or put all the metals together this according to your choice.
2. The device explores for the following metals (gold, silver, jewelry, iron and copper).
3. The device uses modern exploratory system which is the automatic direct balance to harmony with soil without any calibration or disruption.
4. The matching technique with all different climatic circumstances of the environment by the A.C.S system.
5. The direct sending quality for signals with far range to discover the area and survey it before mining that for not wasting time.
6. The earth penetrates system in all different environmental circumstances for the soil with the different of its humidity, heat and Salinity.
7. Eliminate the impurities signals and purify the exploratory signals and analysis them directly when it entered directly to the mini-computer to give the right information for the explored target.
8. Form all the data and the programming through an electronic screen at the top of the main unit to clarify the name of the explored metal its size, depth and all the details with accurate image.

The Technical Standards:
1. The transmission system with quick receiving for the signals H.B.C system.
2. The discriminating and clarifying technique for the explored targets with absolute accuracy O.R.N.
3. Regulate the required metal according to choice.
4. The quick sending pistol that pick goals from far distances.
5. The searching Mini- Lens for complete accurate survey.
6. The great search station that penetrates the depths.
7. Its exploratory depth 8m and increased according to the target size.
8. The Front Range 1000m sq and increased according to the target size.
9. High quality speakers F.T system.
10. Complete electronic system easy in using and transportation.
The device Components:
1. The main unit with display screen.
2. The guidance guide for far goals.
3. The light scanner to pick up the center of the target.
4. Transmission pistol with high accuracy.
5. A 12 Volt battery.
6. Arabic & English catalog.
7. Educational CD.
8. International ensure for one year.

Made in USA
Search system device: electromagnetic
Ground-term depth: 2 meters
Front Range Horizontal scan: 2 meter
Industry: U.S.