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under ground metal detector

AR924 ground floor of the United States uses the latest electronic technology, set to balanced line, and its balance model, in addition to all the “mineralization reaction” to probe the impact of, and identify the model can be detected to distinguish between are non-ferrous metals or ferrous metals, greatly enhance the effective detection of the depth and accuracy, with a probing depth, and positioning accuracy, resolution, and operation is simple and convenient features. In order to maximize the use of all the features of this product, before use, please carefully read the instructions.
This product apart from military applications, but also applies to the following areas:
(1) the public security departments Rapidity criminal search
(2) detection of raw materials, fuel, food metal debris
(3) to check mail, baggage and parcel of the metal items
(4) inspection of the underground pipes, cables
(5), archeology, prospecting
(6) was found buried in the ground hidden treasures of gold and silver and metal scrap metal mineral acquisition

Product functional characteristics:
(1) metal detectors and metal identification function conversion
(2) underground metal and metal mineral exploration
(3) non-ferrous metals and ferrous metal identification
(4) the automatic adjustment functions
(5) manual adjustment to eliminate mineralization reaction
(6) speakers audible devices
(7) battery low power tips
(8) LED luminous function
(9) induction coil disconnected automatic alarm (when connecting cables loose when the automatic alarm)

Product Specifications:
(1) detection method: balance detection / identification detection
(2) main vibration frequency: 4.19MHz
(3) signal frequency: 7.2KHz
(4) Power: DC9V (6 1.5VAA batteries)
(5) Static current: 40MA
(6) low power: 7.2V +0.2 V 7.2V-0.2V