Electromagnetic Detectors >> PX6000



Serching: Gold, Silver
Led, Zenc, Tin
Depth: 6 M
Long Range: 2 M Sq
Power: 12 V


My PX 6000 – USA It is a device which is worth more than its weight in gold, a PX 6000 – USA is the best detectors and prospecting for gold ore with added features him and make him stronger finder in global markets and more versatile than any other device.

The technological PX 6000 – USA new that can catch free gold of nature and the earth with all the effectiveness and accuracy.

The device features more quieter away from the confusion and other problems, so it is really fun to use as there is in the device and the functionality is automatic and systems research designed to make the user an expert in the detection and exploration shortly, gives device beeps high goals gold and enjoy the high sensitivity of the measurement.

My PX 6000 – USA Gold Explorer, which gives the best and most accurate results at all, no automatic measurements and controls gives users work to achieve optimal performance in various environmental conditions, the system responds signals for both large or small targets alike.

The device uses low noise components to ensure that the response to the objectives of water and the waves, without the influence of soil and rocks.

My PX 6000 – USA is a distinctive feature is useful in work in the soil low and moderate mineralization or saline soils saturated, that guarantees PX 6000 – USA gives researchers for gold Foaúda large without controversy, where he works in conditions strong winds and in difficult times because it has enhanced and hardener voice through the control knob that allows the user to set the device to the largest capacity, can a PX 6000 – USA to provide the confidence and researchers who are searching for archaeological Allqaya and burials, treasures and gold ore in all sizes and forms.

Uses a PX 6000 – USA smart electrical circuits which automatically senses the loudspeakers and the desired goals.

Works PX 6000 – USA strongly electric for 8 hours, to work with ease electrical system to ensure that new tasks and ways to use the fastest and most skilled.

Electric power cables for the device PX 6000 – USA designed to cooperate with the harshness of areas in the gold fields, and work with extended power cable provider accurately.

Devices 2010
– Fully electronic.
– Accuracy in work and guaranteed results.
– Durability and there is no her Mthbl.
– Operate efficiently absolute in all circumstances.
– Small lightweight size.
– Easy to use.

An electromagnetic device search system
Ground-term depth: 6 meters
Front Range Horizontal scan: 2 meters
Industry: U.S.