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Underground Metal Detector (PU400)
Model NO.: PU400

This device is of the devices,withstrongsensitivityin theundergroundmineral explorationin additiontoease of useandprogrammingbypower and speedthat you want.
This device wonderfulenjoysstronglyinexplorationforcurrencies, metals and goldore, goldplantand allmineralsburiedbeneath the surface ofthe groundandup to 6meterscanfind themeasily andwehighly recommendedfor amateurs andbeginners andexplorerswho knowplacessitesgoldandjust needto make surethe target

Additional Info.
Model: PU400
Detecting system: Reflective and conductive
Detecting depth: 6m
Power Supply: 8 PCS AA5 Batteries
Emitting Frequency: 5-5.8 kHz
Signal Frequency: 340-420Hz
Size of products: 650x230x125 mm
Net weight: 1.4kg
Size of package: 665x240x130mm
System: electromagnetic
Depth: 6 meters
Range: 1 meter