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The top of manufacture technology makes that device a shiny star and have international reputation between the users of exploration and mining devices and the adores of collecting coins and antique alloys, this device has proved through many years that it is with high technology degree, it is the best in this category of devices as it is obtained the satisfaction everyone uses this device.

The device considers within the practical electromagnetic devices, as it is easy to use, sure in its results, light in weight and manufactured from special materials and creditor to protect it from shocks and also to grantee the ensure of the search process.

By using this device you can take benefit from your spare time to obtain the buried things in the soil and have many great meanings and very ancient history.

The idea of the Device:

This Device works on 3 principal Programs of Searching:

All Metals system: that searches for all kinds of metals and through it you can discover any manufacture target within the searching area.

DISC system: which discriminates between metals, and with its help you can know the metal type of the explored target before extracting it whether (Gold, Silver or Iron).

Notch system: which eliminates some metals in case that the soil is saturation with unwanted metals or the existence wastes in the exploratory area.

This device has LCD screen that shows clarify all the data. The device can determine the nature of the metal through different types of tones, which differentiate between one metal and another.
The device works with three different types of frequencies as you can explore of all kinds of metals.

Features and Descriptions:
1. Light weight.
2. Simplicity in using.
3. Search ring anti-water.
4. Determining the center point easily.
5. Easy to move and transport with the device.
6. Sound of tones to determine the metal type.
7. Discovering locations quickly and easily.
8. International ensure for a year.
The technical features:
1. The depth is 180 Cm.
2. Works with battery (9 volt).
3. Three different types of frequencies.
4. Automatic earth balance.
5. High solidity (made of chemical treaty creditor).
6. Clear LCD Screen (even in the day time) shows all last systems.
7. 3 basics search systems: (All Metals) – discrimination system (DISC) – elimination system for most metalsS (NOTECH).
Search system device: electromagnetic
Ground-term depth: 2 meters
Front Range Horizontal scan: 2 meters
Industry: U.S.