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md 88 (1)

Specifications MD88
high-power launch, automatic tracking system,sufficiently
probing depth and accurate identification ability,deep-detector

In accordance with the needs of users, our company developed the MD88-type metal detectors
MD88-type metal detectors used high-power launch, automatic tracki ng system, it is sufficiently
probing depth and accurate identification ability is super-professional deep-detectors, particularly
applicable to the detection of deep strata operations.

Metal buried in the ground, we, through thick layers to exploration, geological structure will
inevitably be affected. Formation contains a wide range of minerals, they will also have a metal
detector signal, a signal of some minerals will cover up the signal swap metal caused illusion. The
old test used metal has such experience, with the key in the probe ground surfaces, the signal also
followed changes in the probe near the mound, stones, bricks would be given by the alarm sound,
a phenomenon known as “mineralization reaction. ” Because of this, the old metal detector test
can only detect metal in the shallow soil, buried deep under the ground metal target is powerless.
MD88-type apparatus equipped with advanced balance system, metal only strobe signal,
eliminating the “mineralization reaction” interference, greatly improving the detection apparatus

MD88-type machines used “level with the” design, random with a probe size of the two, under
normal circumstances, such as soil conditions indoors or more complex, connected to a
conventional small probe detection. Conventional detection work stability, and distinguish
between accurate and anti-jamming capability of soil. In exceptional circumstances, such as in the
field of soil uniform lots, the goal of finding buried very deep, can be connected to the probe to
enhance detection, detection deepened when the apparatus is the best penetration, but vulnerable to clutter interference.

(1) Emission Frequency: 6.99 KHz
(2) Signal Frequency: 437Hz
(3) Weight: 4.5KG
(4) Sensitivity: Small coil: 25~30cm (test 25US cent)
Big coil: 35~40cm (test 25US cent)
(5) Max Detection: Small coil: 1.5~2 meters
Big coil: 3.0~5 meters
This conclusion is elicited by testing a aluminums sheet (60cm*60cm*1cm) buried in dry soil.
(6) Power Supply: 8pcs 1.5V Batteries
(7) Operation Mode: Ground balance mode; Discrimination mode.
(8) Packing: 4pcs/ctn