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 md 505

MD 404

an introduction: –

A modern and upgraded version offered by FTG for amateurs and professionals in detecting buried treasures using modern induction crystallization technology.

MD 404 has astonished the pioneers of exploration for treasures in different parts of the world, as studies and exploratory flights showed the extraordinary capabilities of MD 404 in identifying and detecting desired targets easily and helping researchers and prospectors to identify and distinguish targets while they are hidden under the surface of the earth.

The idea of ​​the device:-

After the device is supplied with power and connected to the search loop, it begins to produce electronic fields and pulses so that it forms a magnetic field with the earth.

This field stimulates strong currents and pulses through the search loop and sends them to the ground, and when exposed to the electromagnetic field of the metal or treasure, it is discovered by hearing an audio or visual signal.

Characteristics and Features:-

1 – The device detects coins and precious metals in the soil.

2 – Penetrates the soil to a depth of up to 3 meters.

3 – An electronic LCD screen to identify the various searches.

4 – Device sensitivity control system.

5 – adjustable sound system as desired.

6 – It runs on a 15.6-volt rechargeable battery.

7 – The device works for 7 continuous working hours.

8- Dimensions: 180 x 175 x 70 mm console approx.

9 – Weight: The console is approximately 1250 grams.

device components: –

1 – main detection control unit.

2 – special headphones for the audio system.

3 – search ring with a diameter of 28 cm.

4 – Hand fiberglass on three parts, length of 175 cm, with an additional holder.

5 – Rechargeable battery with its own charging unit.

6 – A bag to carry and maintain the device.