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Hardware introduction

It is accurate and electronic devices do not need to help the body movements quiet or otherwise, are electronic devices need to be very simple training and learning on the device and know the rules and fundamentals of exploration, and everything becomes easy after that.
And the principle way of working these Allojhzh: –
An electric current is transmitted from the device to search disc, and this current generates an electromagnetic field around the disk search, this field is heavy floats on the surface and penetrates the ground to give after that micro Alacharah.
These devices features: –
1. Above-ground survey aphid is very delicate and sensitive.
2. Devices are excellent for people who expect goals zones.
3. These devices suitable to accompany any remote sensing device or guideline or any other device to accurately identify places.
4. Accurate information about the target and the depth and quantity.
5. Quality is the first to locate coins and very small pieces.
6. Possible to switch search and disk for the installation of larger disks for deeper distances.
7. These devices depths vary from one device to another, depending on the strength (KHz) and strength (Hz), in addition to the size of the battery that runs the device, and this generally includes all the hardware and other brands.
8. Reach the depths of these devices to 6 meters from the ground, the front and 6 meters in a circular motion, depending on the power of the device.
Components of these devices: –
The main unit – pipe – handle – Speakers – Find disc – batteries