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 Diamond Extra

The idea of work:
“DIAMOND EXTRA” works according to several systems and practical theories for the detection of diamond and gems, there’s the frequency system, magnetic system and geological system.
When operating the device the frequency sensing system begin to make a frequency focus in the search area to locate the diamonds from long distances, whether in the mountains or in the depths of the soil, to identify it accurately with specifying the metal whether it is (DIAMOND, RUBY or EMERALD).
When approaching the target, the Magnetic Field system starts to emanate acoustic signals, it becomes more louder the more we are close to the target center to identify the target closely.
DIAMOND EXTRA device penetrates different soil layers and analyze its molecules and measurements to reach the diamond and precious stones which buried in a great depths, thanks to the geological system.
The Device Components:
1- The main control unit.
2- Digital electronic screen LCD.
3- The magnetic frequency pipe.
4- The LAN unit of geological system.
5- A radar sensor antenna.
6- A particular hand to carry the device.
7- Ground probes of geological system.
8- 12 volt internal battery.
9- Reinforced charger brand FT.
10- An educational CD.
11- Arabic and English catalogue.

Characteristics and Features:
1- Easiness in use and work.
2- Light weight and small size.
3- The device detects the diamond, ruby and emerald.
4- The device controls the metal detection and distinguishes between them.
5- Choose the scan type in exploration process.
6- The device emanates acoustic signal when detecting a target.
7- Flashing light signal when the battery is low.
8- The device works in all seasons and harsh weather conditions due to the stability and compatibility with all circumstances.
Technical Specifications:
1- The device detects (all kinds of diamond, ruby and emerald).
2- Electronic digital screen LCD, brand FTG.
3- The depth is 80 meter.
4- The Front Range 2.5 sq/km.
5- The frequency sensing system to identify the targeted metal from long distances.
6- The device is provided with a magnetic system M-G, with high sensitivity to the targets.
7- Diamond Extra is supported with GEOLOGY SYSTEM very accurate to monitor the targets and locate its center accurately.
8- Audio system (SOUND WAV) for monitoring the targets.
9- 12 volt internal battery, consumption 80 mA.
10- AC charger.
Detection system: remote sensing magneto Jalogi the depth of 80 meters.
Front Range 2.50 square kilometers.

Made In Germany