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Each explorer has the ability to exploration, as well as each device has its own possibilities in exploration, but the “Treasure Hunter 2010” invented to abolish this theory as it is an integrated device for all explorers in general, the professionals and the beginners, as well as it is reliable for mining companies and antiquities plus underground metals detection, because the device includes all the exploration systems in general beside means of comfort and ease of use particularly.
This fully automatic electronic detector was made to make all what in the ground from minerals, treasures and precious buried visible on its screen, which describes all the data and information about the targets.
The idea of the device:
The device works with advanced systems in the search, detection and exploration process, it is realistic and accurate up to 100% and all the keys are touch and easy to use.
The device program itself 5 minutes prior to work and be ready, so that it becomes the first Treasures Hunter in the world which works on all systems and programs of global exploration approved in the largest factories around the world.
Features and Specifications:
1- The device has an LCD digital screen shows all the data during the detection process.
2- The device has an advanced detection systems by the geological system, sensing steering system, ionic system and electromagnetic system; these systems achieve great precision in obtaining the targets fastest time and easiest way.
3- Control element and the possibility of separating the systems from each other.
4- The advantage of controlling the selection of the metal to be detected.
5- The advantage of controlling the Front Range in the search process for targets.
6- Optical and audio signals to confirm the target from a distance and when reaching it.
7- The device meets all the tasks through the encrypted directive radar that connected with the main station.
8- The device show on the screen the explored target and its size, quantity and depth before the drilling and prospecting process.
9- Treasure Hunter device has high sensitivity in hunting treasures and filtering undesired impurities.
10- It includes several indicators (optical, audio and acoustic), as it is programmed to work with a huge ability in rugged or paved areas.
11- The device includes the D.S.P feature for digital signals processing.
12- F.D.A feature to provide and analyze the frequencies on “LCD” illuminated screen.
13- Filtering system for incoming and outgoing signals from impurities automatically.

Technical Specifications:
1 – The device works by 12 volt battery that makes it work for 10 continuous hours and rechargeable.
2 – The device works in hunting the ionic, static and electromagnetic fields, motivate it with response to show the target quality on the screen, and install its exact place accurately through the modern geological system.
3 – The device works in all seasons and harsh weather conditions.
4 – The detector discovers the gold ore with high sensitivity and accuracy.
5 – Light weight, small size, easy to use, very effective and quite accurate.
6 – Search in Front Range and exploratory reaches more than 2000 sq/m.
7 – Penetrates deep beneath the surface of the earth up to 15 meters in the ground.
8 – The device is specialized in the detection of the following metals (gold – silver – diamond – lead – tin – Copper) and Caves.
9 – Determines the entrance of the target and its front door, through the feature of detecting doors and entrances underground.

The device components:
1- The main control station.
2- Particular hand for ionic system.
3- Specialized handle for steering and sensing system.
4- Cables for connecting between probes and control station.
5- FTG charger.
6- Distinct sample for the geological system.
7- The guiding ionic radar.
8- Ground probes specialized in geological system.
9- A special bag for device protection.
10- Arabic – English Catalogues.
11- Educational CD.
12- Guarantee and international warranty for a year.

“We knew what you want, so we made it for you”
Greetings from “Future Treasures Companies Group”, the pioneer in detection and exploration for gold, burials, treasures, monuments, underground water and petrol.
Made in Germany

Search system device :remote sensing and audio EM and geological
Ground-term depth: 30meters
Front Range Horizontal scan: 1500 meters
Industry: U.S.