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The idea of work:
A lot of theories had been mixed together in “Golden Gun 909”, to show its great ability in the detection of gold and treasures, it also supported by ionic isotopes for the detection of caves with high accuracy.
Golden gun 909 works within areas and triple systems with a wild range power in the monitoring of long time buried targets, to return it for existence once again. According to the scientific techniques of electromagnetic, ionic and sensors systems which golden gun 909 device works by.
Once press the device operation feature, the interaction process starts between the device and the detection component in the soil, due to the first frequency sensing system which operates on detecting the center point of the target, make it stable and confirm its existence. Emphasizes the second system (ionic system) to make a layers scan to the soil, in order to identify the target by alarming acoustic signal while monitoring the required targets.
The electromagnetic third system E-M starts monitoring the center point for targets by the superior system which makes you feel that you are holding the buried target in your hands for real.

Now you are able to launch easily towards the treasures in subsoil of the land, thanks to the advanced technologies in the golden gun 909 device.
The Device Components:
1- The operation and control main unit.
2- Bionic unit of frequency scan.
3- 2 hands (fixed – mobile).
4- The frequency ionic pipe.
5- Digital crystal screen LCD.
6- An educational CD.
7- Arabic and English catalogues.
8- A special reinforced aluminum bag to protect the device.
Characteristics and Features:
1- Easiness in use, there is no need for any kind of experience in exploration field.
2- The device is lightweight. That makes it more easy to use
3- the Device works according to three different scan systems: FREQUENCY, IONIC SYSTEM and MAGNETIC FIELD, to detect and ensure the targets
4- The device supported by ENTRANCE system, the latest in the whole world in revealing the entrances or main doors of the buried targets like the chambers of stones, cemeteries, tombs and caves.
5- The control units in the device are all electronic touch screen.
6- Digital electronic display screen.
7- Control in the selection of the scan method.
8- Control in choosing the scan type.
9- Interior changeable batteries.

Technical characteristics :

1- The device explores the gold and caves.
2- The device detects the gold ore with high sensitivity and high accuracy.
3- The depth is 15 meter.
4- The front long range is 1 sq/km.
5- The device is provided with E-M system.
6- Working with the Ionic System.
7- ENTRANCE feature to track the entrance of caves and tombs.
8- The device supported with an acoustic signal when detecting a target.
9- Crystal digital screen LCD, displays all the exploration process.
10- Works by 9 volt battery with consumption 25 MA.
11- The device weight is 500 gram.

Search system device :remote sensing and Bwynek and audio system EM
Ground-term depth: 15meters
Front Range Horizontalscan: 1000 meters
Industry: U.S.