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The Introduction:

Faster than lightning, stronger than the wind and its sound like thunder! :
\ The new treasure explorer Fly Dragon 2010, is the strongest device in all over the world in the modern technologies, specialized in drilling and exploration of treasures under the earth or in the sea . Its speed in reaching the valuable targets from a great distance and more then you imagine , its strength in sending waves and signals is so fast and it’s movement is like a tornado that want to uprooted all what is archeological and precious,
When you find the target the device will make a big sound for show you that you find what you’re looking for
How does it work?!

The device made with a technical scientific prospect and verryadvenced that is much modernized as it considers as the perfect modern technology art of industries by mini-electronic spectra and supported with the international comprehensive geological survey system that is innovative in our factories. That makes from the Fly Dragon the best tool and method in discovering gold and treasures, with that it becomes the first globally in perfection as a professional device in extraction the treasures locations by its amazing double tools at all and until this day.

Characteristics and features:

1- The first specialized device in discovering and searching for gold and metals underground or under the sea
2- The device works with different, various and very modern systems.
3- The device confirms the targets locations from great distances by the long range sensitive sensor.
4- Supported with an electronic guide device with stable and precise tracking which works with two different systems for searching, installing the targets from long distances and confirm it till reach it .
5- It consists of the stable movement pistol which is high speed in picking and holding the goals, determines its depth and the center point accurately.
6- The device sends a group of double signals in sending and receiving that accurate and encoder tracking and exploration through the soil, air and water to survey the wanted explored areas.
7- The device is distinguished with containing the smallest and the powerful transmission and tripartite receiving station with a unique and very distinguished innovation.
8- The device has the electronic screen LCD which demonstrates the fully information about the goals that appears through the exploration process with the best and accurate image.

The technical standards:

1- Explores and searches in a comprehensive survey process about the following gold, silver, cooper, tin, lead, diamond and caves.
2- The actual depth of the device is 15 m.
3- The front range is 2 km sq.
4- Available automatic filtering for wrong signals and the unwanted impurities.
5- The balance and blending quality with the nature and different of the soil, topography and the climate for the research area.
6- The information screen in the main unit gives precise and programmed measures with absolute clarity about the targets range and its depth under the earth surface.
7- The measurement unit for the energy line and radar tracking with a fantastic design and unique innovation .
8- The audio stable directed pistol to confirm and firm the goals from long distances and tracking them to measures its depth.
9- The flexible double prop with the triple sending and receiving for signals.
10-The battery works 15 hours continuously.

The device components:
1- The electronic main unit with diminished station to send and receive the double signals.
2- The crystal screen LCD to show all the detailed information of the goals.
3- The double movement electronic prop.
4-The digital guide is quick in exploration to survey a large distances from your position.
5- The audio electronic pistol that is sticky to targets from distance and recognize its precise center.
6- Electric cables as demanded (wire- wireless).
7- A reinforced energy charger labeled FT.
8- Rechargeable 12 volt battery.
9- International insurance for a year.
10- Arabic and English catalogue.
11- Educational CD .12-The device is from the VIP devices.

Mad in U.S.A

Search System device: audio remote sensingem and Aanuink any volts
Ground-term depth: 30meters
Front Range Horizontalscan: 5000 meters
Industry: U.S.