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Due to the diversity of views and ideas of many customers in obtaining a device that have a special features and characteristics and having the form of a pistol which is small, light, and easy to use and having a powerful performance and all the characteristics that was demanded from us such as small size therefore the company made an agreement with our factories in U.S.A to startmanufacturing the device with a high-performance and good specifications. Thus we started putting all the ideas and proposals in regard to create a device that searches for gold, buried caves, and buried treasures to locate their exact locations precisely . This ideas become a reality because of the invention of the laser pistol.Features and Characteristics of the Laser Pistol: 1. the device works all times and it’s more effective in the winter or night and it work more better in winter 2.The device works in ordinary soil areas and semi-rocky.3. The device works inside houses, walls and castles with good effectiveness. 4. To determine the depth of the buried target, press “Depth“ button.5. Specialized only in detecting precious metals, Caves, Caverns, and Empties generally. 6. The device has a small size as it is considered the smallest electronic device, searching for Gold, in the World.7. Easy to take it anywhere , as it considers the lightest device ever.8. easy to use and easy to find locations rapidly and complete accuracy. 9.A great abilityto determine the target and the center point. 10. The device determines the target depth easily and displays by the device screen (computer). 11. The device has four systems for research and detection. 12. battery 9 v – can be changed when it works 10 continuous hours.13. The device weight only 300 Gram. 14. The device made in U.S.A.Technical qualification:1. The device has a choosing technique for discovering gold only. 2.The device has a choosing technique for discovering caves only.3. The device detects until 12 meters underground and for large targets the detection range reached to 18 meters.4. This device combines between all the techniques and international qualifications for the laser devices generally, as it has a unique features and high tech of excellent performance.5. The device is provided with 12 laser waves which are considered as the ground sensors to measure and following up. Each wave contains 4 laser circles so that the survey and research and the total will be about forty-eight (48) laser Circles. In addition to the basic research point which transmit the signal through the device for a distance of 500 m sq in your position. How to program the Laser device DIS 300:• Gold Discovering identification system. • Caves Discovering identification system. • Depth identification system for the explored target.• The digital screen (Numeric) displays an automatic system which works automatically without any programming.• By the system “RANGE“, you can know the ground balance, and the natural rate of soil. Through this the device will program itself in a few seconds. DIS300 Components:1.Numeric Meters Guide. 2. Four Principal Searching systems. 3.Digital, numeric and light screen.4. A control button for switching on / off. 5.The possibility of changing the rays launching modification.6. The opening guides for the detection area and discover the depth. 7. Control Unit to hide the screen light of the device. s8. High Sensitivity to the explored target.9. Sending a wave of Laser Rays with a high flow. 10. A control unit in choosing the system according to your need of exploration.11. The main unit of the device is in a pistol form with that you can carry by hand. 12. Control keys with touching to know: the target direction, the target I.D, the Center and the Depth.13. A control unit in the Laser Rays type and to hide them, at the same time keeping your work. 14. The device measures and discovers from (-20º C to 527º C) for amazing dimensions and depths. 15.An international insurance for a year. 16. An educational CD. 17. A leather buffer bag from water and heat to save and protect the device.
Made in USA

Search systemdevice:laser
Ground-term depth: 12meters
Front Range Horizontalscan: 500 meters
Industry: America