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 professional mini pocket scale

Thank you for purchasing this latest model pocket scale. Please read the instructions carefully before use to achieve the optimum results.
1 use it on a hard flat surface where there is little vibration
2 please avoid strong electrical or magnetic fields, as in the case of an operating mobile phone within 10 feet of in-use scale.
3 Do not use it in a location where is an obvious change of temperature.
4 Do not dismantle it; damage thus caused is not covered by the warranty.
5 Clean using a mild detergent
6This scale is for personal use only; do not use it in business
Use 4*1.5V”AAA” dry cells; alkaline cells are preferable.
Remove the battery cover and insert the cells; replace the battery cover and the scale is ready to operate.
Caution:1) Do not use excessive force in either removing or replacing the battery cover.
2) If the scale is not to be used for over a month, remove the battery.
Function keys:
“ON/OFF”: press this button to turn on or off the scale.
“MODE”: press this button to enter calibration modes, or select units of weight or recalibrate it.
“TARE”: press this button to subtract the weight of vessel or container, restore the readout to zero.
1 it is preferable to turn on the scale and let it on for approximately 20 seconds to warm it up and then turn it off. Turn it again on to use it.
2 after the display flashes for 2 or 3 seconds, it will show “0.0” (d=0.1g) or “0.00”d =0.05g, (d=0.01g) and the scale is ready for use.
3 press the “mode” key and the units of weight will change. The order of units showing in a F-model is g-dwt-oz-ozt (Gram-Pennyweight ounce- troy ounce) and that in a FH-model is g-ct-dwt-oz-ozt-gn(Gram- Carat-Pennyweight-ounce-troy ounce grain)
4 Do not place objects exceeding the capacity of the scale on the weighting platform, or the scale will read H. if the scale is overloaded too much, it will be damaged and the damage thus caused is not covered by the warranty.
5 each time when weighting, the object weight should not be kept on the weighting platform forover 5 seconds lest the accuracy of the next weighting be affected.
1) After turning on the scale and it shows “0.0” or “0.00, place a tray or containner on the weighting platform, press the “Tare” button and the display will show “0.0” or “0.00; the other way is to place the tray or container on the platform before turning the scale on, and it will read zero automatically.
2) In case the second method is used, after the tray or container is removed, the scale will read a negative value equaling the weight of the tray or container. Press the tare key again to return the scale readout to zero.
7 after turning on the scale or in the course of weighting, if the display does not show “0.0” or “0.00”, before use press the tare key to restore it to “0.0” or “0.00”
8 this scale features an auto-off function. If no activity takes place within thescale, it will turn off within 30 seconds
9 Turn the scale off by pressing the ON/OFF key.
Calibration instructions:
This scale had been calibrated before it was dispatched from the factory. But at times when there is a remarkable change in temperature or humidity (including change of seasons), there might be inaccuracies. In this case, please test the scale in the following way: place a standard weight on the platform, and if the positive or negative difference exceeds the difference allowed as specified in the technical specifications of the weight, please recalibrate the scale according to as follows:
1 after turning off the scale, first press the mode key and hold it and then press the ON/OFF key, and then releases the two keys. After a few seconds, the display screen will show the model of the scale E-200, E-300, E500, E-1000(F-1000, F-1200), and E-2000
2 place the standard test weight in the middle of the platform
3 After showing automatically “Good”, the scale will turn off automatically.
4 Remove the weight from the platform and the recalibration is over
Note: If the standard test weight of this model of scale is not used, the recalibration will not take place automatically or the recalibration may not be accurate